I like these posts as I get to show off an item of stationery for which I have a good photo for.  I wish I had good photos for all items I wished to show off but that’s another story!  Today’s featured item is a place name from what I like to think is a reinvigorated design Calabria.  More in that on a post on English Wedding Blog which can be seen I think from this Friday.  Will have to try and remember to come back and place a link on here to it.  Any way as you can hopefully see this is a place name as can be used at weddings or indeed anywhere you want to allocate seating for a meal.

Art Deco and Modern Place Name

As you can see this place name features an art deco font (plazadreg) with the name split onto two lines – this helps accommodate names which are very long.  Which is always a difficulty while trying to do great looking place names for our clients who may have guests including Jo Red and Leopold Ruprict Von Hasselhoff III (both of those names are made up btw).  The design behind is floral featuring stylised flowers and plants.  These are in pale purple, grey and yellow.    The design is very clean stylised giving it something of a modern feel.  Seeing the flower centres they would lend themselves to being decorated with crystals or pearls quite nicely.  Something I’ve not yet tried with Calabria but works well with another collection Sienna.  Also and not shown here our place names do feature details on the back of the event in question.  Making them mini keepsakes for those you like to keep their place name as I have often seen at weddings.  You can read more on place names here.

You can see Calabria on the main website here.  Which is home to all the bespoke wedding stationery and invitation collections.