Today’s blog post is a production photo.  Pictured is an order of what I think of as mini Order of Service, one of the types of bespoke wedding stationery Artemis Stationery make.  Unlike many Order of Service they don’t have the complete text of the wedding ceremony.  Instead they have an outline of the ceremony, maybe even a program for the rest of the day.  Normally hymn books and the like can be used to supplement them for when guests need to sing and join in with prayers.  It would be wise to talk to whom ever is conducting the ceremony to see if this is a possibility.

More about Order of Service booklets

You can find more about Orders of Service here on this wedding stationery blog.   If you want to know how much an item of wedding stationery like this costs to order take a look at the Artemis Stationery website.   They’re not called mini orders of service but the mini booklet would be the item that is used in this photo.  They could also be used for programs or menus.  Whatever you fancy!  Also note the prices changes from collection to collection.


Another thing I’d like to point out is how different the colour of these booklets look in the daylight compared to the photo below of the cheque book invitations made for the same clients Kelly and Leighton.  If you’re matching colours it can be very important to compare two colours in more than one type of light, sometimes the difference can be surprisingly large.  If there is anything else to take from these pictures it is that I like self-propelling pencils.  I was being very tidy at the time this photo was taken and pretty much all our bespoke wedding stationery is handmade.  That’s one of the rotary trimmers behind and the base of the lamp which is often on especially on the dark winter days.

Cheque book wedding invitations
Cheque book wedding invitations


Always remember that the person conducting the ceremony will probably need to approve the text in an Order of Service especially if you are putting song words or readings in.  Also some places can take a very long time to do this and pay little attention to the practicalities of then making the Order of Service so it’s best not to leave this to the last minute.  Find out how long approval normally takes and be clear how much time you need to get the Order of Service made.