Mini Orders of Service, have been a newer item that will be listed on the new website coming very soon. Just my atrocious grammar to finish correcting and it’s good to go! They’re not listed on the old website but they have been mentioned before in a post about Orders of Service. I have to thank some of my clients, Amy, Kelly and Stephanie I think for opening my eyes to these. Before that I thought the only way to do an Order of Service was to include practically every word which as you can imagine, takes a bit of space. However sometimes you can get away with less, sometimes just a summary of the service is enough. This was discussed and if you would like to read about it you can visit the previous article here. I have to assume this means there are hymn books on hand for those pesky lyrics.

The joy of Mini Order of Services

The upside is from going from an A5 sized booklet with on average 8 pages you can go to A6 with 4 pages. The upside of this is cost, it can save quite a lot while they also fit in pockets of your guests. Handy for those who don’t have handbags!

As followers of the blog may have noticed the blurred background of this photo is table names from the previous post. While I was taking those photos I thought I would take the opportunity to grab an image of an Order of Service I’d made for some recent clients. This particular mini Order of Service is from our Trieste range.

You can visit Trieste on the website here.

Stephanie also had a really great idea for her table names which I will hopefully explore on the blog sometime soon as they really were very cool.

Thank you for joining me and hopefully see you again soon.