Today I’d like to share a photo of a wedding welcome sign from the ‘Way to Go’ bespoke wedding stationery collection.  It was taken as you might tell in warmer times (It’s the eve of Halloween when I write this).    That seems like a long time ago now as rain and wind batters the window behind me.  Ok slight exaggeration but it doesn’t sound pleasant outside while the photo seems positively idyllic.  I was there when this photo was taken and the photographer did get sun burnt.  It was one of the very hot days from the summer and I was quite surprised when he said he should go inside and get some sun lotion after already being outside for 3 hours.

What is a Wedding Welcome Sign

Anyway sun burn aside what is a welcome sign.  I see them as quite luxury item, really nice to have but not essential in most circumstances.  The only time I think they’re essential is when it’s a multi wedding venue.  By that I mean a venue which will normally host more than one wedding on any given day.  Then you will want something to make sure you get your guests to your wedding.  I would imagine most venues will be reasonably good at this.  If they’re not or their signage is a bit of an eyesore making or buying a welcome sign to display outside your room or area could be a very wise move.

Why I like Welcome Signs

When it’s not essential why have one?  It welcomes your guests to your wedding, lets them know they made it to the right place.  I always find that reassuring!  I think it’s a chance to mark the wedding venue with your own personal stamp for the day.  As in most cases weddings are at a hired venue or marquee.  For clients of Artemis Stationery it can be great to see something of their stationery large as they will have been closely involved in the design process.  It’s strange but however many invitations you’ve seen which look similar having a large item is really cool.  Sometimes a table plan can have the same effect but if you love the design of your stationery the advantage of the welcome sign is there’s no pesky tables getting in the way.  Also if you think you have particularly jovial stationery a welcome sign would be a good way to get your guests in the right mood as they enter.  Hopefully I’m not alone in that stationery can really make me smile!

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