This week or last week, I can’t actually remember which I had a chance to work on a new sample design to photo. There is a lot of effort to work on the new website and this sample design is for one of the collections that doesn’t yet have enough photos to go on the new website. The collection in question is Padua. Padua is a very straightforward collection. The premise of the design being to make the name of the Bride and Groom the main feature.

Bespoke collection: Padua

Padua is also brilliant because the style and fonts can be easily changed. This means Padua can fit in with any style so it’s really flexible. Whether you want vintage or nostalgia. Art Deco or modern. Hipster or elegant, it’s all possible. In this particular case I wanted to use one of the newer fonts that has been added to the choices on the new site. It is currently available to choose though by spotting it on the script fonts post on this blog which you can see here.

Elegant script font

The font in question is Mutlu, a very decorative font with plenty of swirling elegance. The design is based on black and gold so the Bride and Grooms name’s are in gold. The bulk of the text is in black using a serif font so as not to compete for attention with the script font. While the ampersand is in grey so it can be positioned behind the names.

Save the Date Magnet

The sample item I designed for the Padua collection was a Save the Date magnet. Magnets can be used as invitations and thank you cards to. Save the Dates are by far the most common use though. Aside from being magnetic these items are also two sided. So you have space for a design on the front and information for your guests.

Back of the Save the Date design
Back of the Save the Date design

You can see Padua here – although may go to a holding page if the new website is up but Padua hasn’t yet been fully published on the new website. It is still available to order though. It’s also worth noting magnets like these can be ordered from any of the collections, not just where you can see photos of them.