As some people may have noticed Artemis Stationery has a new website.  The majority of stationery collections from the old site were online from the start but some are being slowly added as we go.  This because it’s been a real big effort to get new images taken and edited for the website.  So today’s image post is of Tuscany since last night it was the first of the missing bespoke wedding stationery collections to make it onto the new website.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery Collections

Tuscany was the first collection to be added back as I realised I’d mentioned it in some Autumn related wedding blog posts recently (see one of those Autumn posts here).  In reds and oranges it makes a brilliant autumn styled invitation in whatever item you  choose, although the item shown above is of a piece of day stationery.  That item being an A5 menu.  All of our collections are available in a wide range of items and if you don’t see what you’re looking for do contact as it is more than likely possible.  The price lists are definitely more of a guide than an exhaustive list of what can be designed and made.

Floral Wedding Stationery

The actual Tuscany design is of a stylised rose, showing the flowers and leaves.  The inspiration is quite early 20th century so it works really well with script and serif fonts that evoke that period.  It can also be treated as flat colour in more of a letterpress style or as shown here using several similar colours in the design.

You can see more of our Tuscany floral wedding stationery on the website here or take a look at our other floral wedding stationery here.  There’s quite a selection from the stylised to illustrated types.

If you are interested in ordering samples one of the changes to the website was that our samples can now be ordered through the other stationery website we have Artemis Prints.  This has been done as that does act as a shop site so it’s much easier to deal with ordering samples there.

Hopefully more collections will follow Tuscany up soon although it is much easier when it’s sunny to get good new photos!  I have a feeling it may be wise to get the Christmas collection up soon.

Tuscany Menu Sheet