Budgets are for most people involved in arranging a wedding really pretty important.  If you’re buying your stationery here are some ways that may help you control your wedding invitation budget. It’s important to remember how different every wedding and its circumstances are, from total budget to the distance the guests are travelling and many other factors no two weddings are ever quite the same. So if one suggestion doesn’t help you it doesn’t mean none of the others will.

Cost Saving Advice

  • Do you have a lot of information that you have to give your guests? But are you also inviting people you’re sure will not come. If this sounds familiar you’re probably looking at sending some quite complicated invitations with all the information your guests will need. If this is the case consider sending those you know are not coming but still need to be invited less complicated invitations. Depending on how the stationers prices work and the quantities you need there may be a quite a saving by doing this.
  • Evening invitations – similar to the previous suggestion but if you’re having guests who are coming to the evening reception only do they have to have the same type of invitation as the day guests. Consider using a less expensive alternative.
  • Save the Dates – do you really need to use them? Could you inform people you will be inviting through other means when you have a date and worked out your numbers? There’s also no law against sending out invitations early to avoid the added expense of save the dates. To do this you’ll need to know your dates and your times for the ceremony as well as any menu choices you need your guests to make.
  • If you have to use Save the Dates keep it simple if you’re watching the budget. For instance if you’re a client of Artemis Stationery opt for our postcard sized option. Single sided they’re our smallest invitation or save the date and in 2013 started at £1.  See Artemis Stationery for current prices: Artemis Stationery Website .
  • Check the details of a stationer before looking too closely at the designs. Things to keep an eye on include minimum order size, whether you need to pay for guest name printing, if price changes with quantity as some sneaky stationers use ‘price from’ so unless you have a massive wedding your likely to pay a higher price. There is also the potential for expensive add-ons like charges for extra draft designs, changing colours or sending a proof. If you’re aware of what the total cost will be it will save the problems of falling you in love with something you can’t afford or being tempted to go over your allotted budget. This is like finding a dress which just fits your budget, falling in love with it and then finding out you’ll also have to pay for alterations.
  • RSVP’s, do they have to be included? It’s nice to, makes it easier for guests to reply, structures the information you’ll get back and might save you some work chasing up guests. Though if they’re an added cost and your tight on budget maybe let your guests send their own card back or reply via email or text.
  • Look into DIY options.  Many stationers list options to sell unassembled invitations and others may be worth approaching.  At Artemis Stationery we do do this but look at it on a case by case basis as some of our invites lend themselves to this more than others.

I hope this cost saving advice for wedding invitations has proved useful.  If you have any tips you’d like to share please comment to share them.  AS Invites will be following up this post with suggestions for day stationery.

Genoa Booklet Invitation
Genoa Booklet Invitation