The last blog post was showing the design for a new sample of a Save the Date magnet from the Padua bespoke stationery collection.   This post has shows how the save the date turned out.   To see the previous article click here.

You can see both the front (above) with the Bride and Grooms names in the Mutlu script font.  While the rear with the weddings information can be seen on the complete overview which is below (this may take a few seconds extra to load).  The rear does not have to be used but many Save the Dates are fairly small or one sided, especially if magnets.  This item however lets a reasonable amount of information be conveyed without squashing the design.

Due to it being a magnet I took the photos with the Save the Date attached to a wine rack to show it doing it’s magnetic thing.  The magnet will work either side around but is neatly hid from view.

The Padua bespoke wedding stationery collection can be seen here.  It may go to a holding page if the new website is up but Padua hasn’t yet been fully published on the new website. It is available to order, all it means is there are not yet enough new photos to publish it. It’s also worth noting magnets like these can be ordered from any of the collections, not just where you can see photos of them.

Bespoke, magnetic, save the date from the padua collection.
Bespoke, magnetic, save the date from the Padua collection.