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Wedding Stationery Trends Part 1

The start of a new year seems like a good time to write an article on wedding stationery trends for the coming year or wedding stationery trends for 2014.  After all I make bespoke wedding stationery and invitations!  You can see my stationery at my website – Artemis Stationery.  I am pondering who the main reader of this article maybe, whether more readers are potential clients, eg Brides.  Or are the readers are for more likely to be other stationers and wedding industry folk.

For the Brides I would say that trends I think when it comes to weddings can be a bit of a liability.  Don’t be overly influenced by whether it’s en-trend now.  If reading a trends article something catches your eye that’s good.  But I like to think with weddings we’re looking for something more timeless.  Something you can look back on in the decades to come and will make you smile.  Not something you’d have to explain to your children as ‘well it was trendy at the time’….   Similarly, if you like bunting, you like bunting even if you’ve been to three weddings with it in the last year.  I doubt you’ll remember the other weddings so much when you look at your wedding album in the years to come.

Also and this is probably equally useful to the industry types is that what I’m seeing touted as popular for next year in some cases I hadn’t realised it had gone out from the last time it was hot.  This is another reason for Brides to choose what they like rather than ‘is’ trendy.  Similarly if you have an idea, go with it.  It only takes for one of the big blogs to show a good idea in one of their real weddings for trends to start. Though please don’t have sleepless nights trying to wrack your brain for a new idea to start a trend with.

the actual trends


Vintage is here and it has been for a while and it’s never going to die, not so long as people walk this planet and get married.  What I will say is that it’s spreading and getting away from the make do and mend and shabby chic trends that helped it become the overwhelming style influence of the last few years. You can do vintage and still create a luxurious look. I think these will grow in popularity.

Bunting Wedding Place Name with polka dot flags
Bunting Wedding Place Name with polka dot flags

Also just because lots of people have done it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if you like it.  There are good reasons for it being so all conquering.  Such as bunting is essentially a nice way to decorate a hall or other big space.  Nostalgia is not often a bad thing, and vintage lets you off the hook of having to try and match the colours with every element of your wedding.

Trieste cheque booklet style wedding invitation with Swarovski pearls
Trieste cheque booklet style wedding invitation with Swarovski pearls

As I said it is spreading more away from make do and mend and verging into the glamorous and opulent.  Victoriana and Art Deco could fall into this.  I’m wondering if the Regency period might even get more of a look in as suppliers look for styles which fit under the vintage banner yet are still under exploited from the last few years.

A contrast to Vintage

While vintage and other styles that could be considered fussy trends are popular there is always bound to be a counter point.  These have often been found in Geometric or pattern inspired designs and while chevrons may have been a little over exposed stripes could be a way to go.  I think the main criteria is clean lines and colours.  Whether they be pastel which are rarely wrong for a wedding or brighter tones which are a counter to the faded colours of shabby shic.

I do like designs that have some maths or geometry behind them.  Some people say maths is the language of the universe and I often find a nice pattern as a very beautiful thing.  Artemis Stationery will be launching its own Geometry inspired collection very soon.  I was photographing a really interesting new trifold invitation just a few days ago.

Geometry inspired red and orange trifold invitation
Geometry inspired red and orange trifold invitation

One of the things I like about this style of design is that you can cross it with other styles.  Eg stripes and Ombre could influence your geometric design.

Going back to Chevrons though, I’m not sure when they were first used but I know the ancient Greeks used them, so they’re no flash in the pan!  If you like them, go with them;) Geometric style designs can also work with Art Deco elements. I often pair Geometric inspired designs with Art Deco fonts. It’s a great combination and I mention it as Art Deco will most likely be strong this year, but more on that later.

Example of brightened colours with in ombre take on chevrons
Example of brightened colours with in ombre take on chevrons

Join us tomorrow for part 2 of this journey through wedding stationery in 2014. Or visit the website now to see more bespoke wedding invitations and stationery. If you can’t see something on the website that you’ve seen on this blog or facebook just email us to ask about ordering.

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