Our Christmas stationery collection is shortly going on our website Artemis Stationery.  Unlike the other collections where there is a basic design Natale (Italian for Christmas) is a collection of design ideas where Christmas is the common theme.  There are so many things that could be explored and done for Christmas or winter weddings.  This is better than just listing one collection, and much more practical than trying to make many distinct Christmas collections which would be hugely time consuming.  This way a more full idea of what could be created can be seen.

Many of these designs are either originally from artwork created for this blog or used for Christmas cards on our stationery site Artemis Prints.  There is everything from snowmen, to holly, Christmas trees and Reindeer.  While we also have more unusual ranges which could be termed geek chic that have a retro computing style.

The above image shows a photo used as a background for what could be either wintery or Christmas wedding invitation.  The photo was taken on very crisp, snowy and icey wintery morning from the last few years.  These could be made as any of our types of bespoke invitations or stationery.  We have many wintery photos that could be used.  Some of which can be seen on Artemis Prints as Christmas cards.  Alternatively we could use your photo or find one from the many image libraries that are available.