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Padua Wedding Invitation Booklet

Padua bespoke Wedding Invitation booklet

Padua is one of the newer but less requested stationery lines, which is strange since it’s sister range Genoa is one of our best sellers.  I think this means we need more photos out there of it.  So for a starter I thought I’d share this one of a bespoke wedding invitation booklet! The photo here shows off one of our Padua invitation booklets.  Normally we photo them flat so this is a bit of an experiment to show off the card in a different light.  While this one has also proven extremely hard to photo well without washing out the pale Ivory tones on the design which look fantastic in person but are not the easiest to capture with a camera well.

About Padua

If you’re not familiar with Padua it is a very flexible stationery range.  The basic premise of it is to make a design out of the Bride and Grooms name’s in a style of your choosing and the colours you want.  It really puts the Bride and Groom front centre.  Very like Genoa which uses an insignia design based on the first letters of the Bride and Grooms first name.  Both Padua and Genoa are very flexible, changing the fonts used totally alters the style and look of the invitation and like all of our stationery the colours are completely flexible to.  All of our stationery is handmade in the UK (by us!).

Booklet Invitations

Booklet wedding invitations are really great.  They can contain probably all the information a Bride and Groom would want to send their guests in one elegant and stylish piece of stationery.  Perfectly formed and lovingly made If you would like to see more of Padua go here or for Genoa click here.

Bespoke Wallet Invitations for Weddings

Calabria floral wallet invitation preview, the wallet will be a new invitation type on the new website

There are a lot of great new things coming to Artemis Stationery.  Many of which will be debuting on the main website when it’s re-launched which is coming in the next few months.  Until the new website is ready it doesn’t hurt to give a bit of a sneak peek on the blog, this post is about our new wallet invitations.

Wallet Invitations

The photo here show’s a new type of bespoke invitation we will be making.  This is the wallet invitation.  So called because the main invitation comes with a wallet it sit insides until the person you’re inviting removes the invitation.  The main invitation is very similar to the mounted versions of our sheet invitations, both are handmade in the Uk by us like all of our stationery.


Like all our ranges of bespoke stationery any design you choose will be tailored specifically to you.  Colours, fonts, wording, layout and styling can all be changed and adapted for you.  The design is on both the invitation and the wallet.

Of course wallet invites could actually be adapted to any use.  Why not as a Save the Date or a Wedding Program.  The design in the picture is Calabria.  The Wallet Invitations are not listed on our main website until they relaunch but could be ordered or if you would like a sample you can order one on our sample page using the comment box to note what you’re after.

Bespoke Postcard Size Wedding Invitations

At Artemis Stationery we try really hard to offer not just great looking bespoke wedding stationery but also affordable stationery. Now some of our work is quite pricey but we do have items which have every bit as much love and taken in their design and production as our more premium products that are more affordable. So this post is about one of these items.  These our A6 or postcard sized items.

Save the Date or Invitation

Our stationery items are exceedingly flexible and our A6 or postcard sized items are no exception.  They can be used as Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank you cards or any stationery item you need for your wedding day.  They also start from £1 (2013) – see our prices here.  They are most popular as Save the Dates and this post showcases 5 such designs. If you’d like to read how a similar item was design please take a look at these two posts about an A5 sized Save the Date we produced.  Mod files on a new layout for a Save the Date or read about how the design was worked on here.

Guest Name Printing

Like all of our other invitations they include guest name printing in the price.  This is also possible on Save the Dates but most of our clients are not normally 100% sure on their guest list at this point so they tend to keep guest names off of Save the Dates. Our Postcard sized bespoke Save the Dates and Invitations are available across each of our stationery ranges (except Milan), not just the five designs shown here.  Visit Artemis Stationery today to see all of our stationery ranges.

Red Roses

A5 Mounted Invite Sienna (art deco fonts)

Since it’s recently been valentine’s day I thought I would share an image with red roses and lots of red. Including a very nice bottle of Rioja, needed something to stand the invite up with! This bespoke wedding invitation is A5 in size and mounted on red card, it features Art Deco fonts (which can be changed) and comes from our Sienna stationery range which you can see on the website here. Not shown in this image is that the Sienna design can incorporate Swarovski crystals at the centres of the flowers.

Handwriting fonts…& a few others (sorry)

Handwriting fonts are great for helping to create a casual, informal and friendly atmosphere for an event.  An interesting one can also be very stylish and are often much more readable than many of the more decorative styles of fonts.

There is a lot of crossover between handwriting and script fonts as essentially script fonts are handwriting, albeit very good and in some cases elaborate handwriting.  You may notice some of the fonts shown here have script in the name.  I’ve also included some fonts that I think cross over from what some sites may consider hand drawn.  Consequently that has meant this list is fairly huge and I apologise to anyone on dial up, you might want to make yourself a nice cup of tea while you wait for the complete chart to download (or coffee if outside of the UK).

It’s also very easy to make your own handwritten or drawn fonts.  There are even apps out there which allow you to do so really easily.  Just remember what you’re aiming for at the beginning and try not to evolve the style too much as you draw each letter.  A lot can happen from A to Z.  Read about doing this on A Beautiful Mess.

If you’re not looking to make your own stationery (for wedding or any occasion) but want a stationery designer who gives a huge choice and goes to great lengths to make each piece of stationery designed really unique and special visit our main website Artemis Stationery.

Hand writing, hand drawn and script style fonts.  F's represent fonts probably freely available online.
Hand writing, hand drawn and script style fonts. F’s represent fonts probably freely available online.

Any font with a big red F by them are freely available online and I think for all uses.  Although as ever please check the licensing of each font – in case I misread the license or it’s somehow changed since this article was written.  The others are font choices available to Artemis Stationery clients, though if you’re looking to obtain them most have come with various art programs over the year and are probably not too costly to purchase in their own right.

Place names

Wedding Place Names

We’re really proud of the place names or name cards we make for our clients. Like all of our bespoke wedding stationery and invitations which ever design you choose you make the decisions on styling them by choosing fonts and saying how you want them laid out. Though we can help and offer advice with this if needed! The colours are also changed to suit each client and they’re made from the same great card as we use for all of our stationery. Like our invitations the printing of your guest’s names is included in the price. This gives them a really great, polished look, there’s no need to try and write them on neatly yourself or press gang a relative with good writing. While on the reverse we like to also keep the effort up. I like to keep place names of keepsakes of the weddings I’ve been to but have wondered how well I will remember in the decades to come whose wedding it was. With that in mind the reverse of the place names are personalised. What’s there is down to you but it often includes the who (whose wedding), the where (the venue) and the when (the date). How that’s done is down to. Sometimes it’s simple and clean text, other times we can include the insignia that we can also design at no extra cost for use on your stationery.

The photos show our Brescia place name’s both the front and the back. On the reverse is an insignia with a Victorian or vintage style to compliment the font on the front. This place name is in a light blue but a sage green version of this place name has been shown numerous time in Wedding Ideas magazine.

Want to choose a stationery design to get place names in? Visit the Artemis Stationery website.

Vintage Fonts

Now when you read vintage you might well think oh no not more vintage.  Which is fair enough it has been very pervasive these last couple of years.  But though this article’s title is lazily lumping them all under the same banner as vintage fonts, there is a tonne of different styles that fall under the general vintage banner. I do want to showcase fonts that I think are well worth considering whether vintage is currently cool or the equivalent of the shellsuit trend from the 90’s.

As far as I can tell, people have used vintage to cover anything from the 80’s right back to the Victorian era.  This is fairly broad I’ll admit so I’m going to break the vintage fonts I want to share today down into a few groups.

Most of the fonts are ones available to choose from Artemis Stationery but all the typewriter fonts can be freely found online for all uses (I believe – please check the licence though in case I’m wrong).

Starting with Carnival or fairground.  The styling of fairs and travelling carnivals, like most Punch and Judy shows, I think harks back to bygone ages when such things were much more popular.  Beneath are three fonts which I think fit a fairground or carnival theme perfectly and in the case of Rosewood has been used  many, many times for that purpose.

Fonts for a carnival themed occasion
Fonts for a carnival themed occasion

This is an image of our fairground inspired design using the font Algerian.

Carnival Postcard Save the Date
Carnival Postcard Save the Date

Next we have open face (and similar) fonts.  Take one look and I don’t think I really need to explain why they’re called open face.  They remind me of a time when shop signs were hand painted, such signs would take longer to make due to the complexity of the font.  Today I think they add extra interest and reinforce a font’s vintage pedigree.  If I associate this with any particular age to my mind they’re before the First World War and back to the Victorian Era.  The Victorian period had a lot of elegance but at the same time vast and heavy industry including printing presses.

Open face and similar fonts
Open face and similar fonts

Serifs are those little bits of details on a font that makes fonts like Times New Roman look like they have received some decoration as opposed to fonts like Arial which just have the strokes they need to form the letters.  Serif fonts including Times New Roman I think are actually pretty vintage in themselves and good for simulating type writers which are pretty vintage now in themselves!  Although typewriters did make it to nearly the end of the last century.  I’m including serif fonts in this as I think some have some really interesting looks and to be honest you can’t far wrong with Times New Roman which strikes a very good balance I think between style and ease of reading.  The only thing counting against it maybe it’s popularity and its regular use.

Serif vintage fonts
Serif vintage fonts

Finally we’re going for type writer fonts.  So called because they simulate the not quite perfect nature of a type writer where the ribbon hasn’t quite got all the ink it needs.  They’re really good for creating a worn vintage look.

Type writer fonts
Type writer fonts

If you want to see how Artemis Stationery uses different fonts in our bespoke stationery either check out our Facebook page which shows many stationery photos or visit the Artemis Stationery website and see all of our unique and original stationery ranges.

 Update (11th Feb 2013):  if you are looking for more wide-ranging font ideas and inspiration please check out this article I’ve since had published on the English Wedding Blog.

Script Fonts for Wedding Stationery

Script fonts for bespoke stationery

Script fonts range from some of the most elegant fonts out there to fonts which basically look like someone with really nice flowing handwriting.  The style of writing on which todays script fonts are based was made possible by the introduction of paper.  It replaced parchment which had a much rougher surface and prevented free flowing writing.  If you would like to see what writing prior to this looked follow this link to the Wikipedia page on Blackletter fonts.  Script style fonts may also be known as cursive fonts.

I think fonts can be hugely useful and important in styling stationery.  I design bespoke stationery and I like to give my clients as big a choice as possible so they can truly reflect their style in the stationery I design for them.  If you’re making your own stationery choosing an interesting looking font is an easy way to bring artistic elements and style to what you’re making.

Script fonts can really bring a touch of sophisticated elegance with the delicate and artistic flourishes that many of the fonts use.  Whereas those that look more like regular hand writing can make an occasion seem more friendly and informal.  If you want to use a font that is hard to read for large amounts of text, use it for headers or titles and pair it with a plainer font for the bulk of the text.  This doesn’t have to be a script font and using them with serif fonts can provide a good contrast.

Below is a selection of freely available script fonts which can be found online as well as chosen by clients of Artemis Stationery.  These fonts will be added to the main selection on the website (click to see) when the newest version of the website is released.  To find out more about stationery from Artemis Stationery visit the website now.

Script fonts which are available online to freely download
Script fonts which are available online to freely download