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Chevron Wedding Stationery explained

Chevron Wedding Stationery

Chevrons, they’ve been a bit of a wedding trend for half a year or more and have proved quite popular since they burst onto the scene.  This article looks at Chevron Wedding Stationery.  What’s good and maybe what’s so not excellent about it (I’m not sure if there is anything – we’ll see where this goes!).

Chevron Wedding Stationery

Firstly Chevron wedding stationery can be either be seen as a lazy graphic designers dream come true or something that anyone stands a fair chance of replicating.  They are dead simple to draw.  Start with a rectangle, add two extra points in the middle of the long sides.  Drag these points along and bingo (on a vector drawing package, if you want one either try a trial or get inkscape).  All that is left that is some copying pasting and possibly hours of fussing over colours.  But that’s not to say that simple is bad.  Far from it, many of the greatest ideas and simple and elegant.  Though chevrons may be elegant in their simplicity but not in style.

Chevrons are:

So they’re not elegant, but they are fun, very fun I think.  If you want to add some elegance you can probably do that through font selection.  They do suit someone who doesn’t want a very traditional style of invite design – whatever that might be!  They’re dynamic to and obviously suggest movement.  Point them upwards and that’s probably very apt for a wedding. Chevrons make it very easy to style wedding signs that need to point in a direction to.

Chevron industrial/road markings
Chevron industrial/road markings

The flipside is I thought they were very industrial or like road markings.  A little like the hazard strips.  But that is easily fixed, as they can work as both pastels and bright colours.  Just avoid yellow and black!  The only other flipside I can see is how well they’ll suffer the test of time.  They’re quite similar to stripes and obviously stripes (see Forli our stripey bespoke stationery range) are never that far from being fashionable.  I think the main thing to bear in mind is that if you go with Chevrons make sure you choose them because you genuinely like them.  Not because you see them everywhere.  That way when you look at your wedding stationery in the future you’ll be able to think how much you like chevrons rather than wonder why you joined that fad!

Mix it up a little

I did say that Chevrons were simple but that doesn’t stop you having a little fun.  You could go a little bit Ombre.  Do this by changing the chevrons in colour from one side to the other.

Ombre Chevron
Ombre Chevron

That could be considered a little bit tame.  Why not go Ombre in each Chevron?  At this point you might wonder what Ombre is – if so look here?

Ombre in chevrons
Ombre in chevrons

But Ombre is not the only thing you can do with Chevrons.  There’s the title for this piece where I’ve mixed them up a little.  Bit down, bit up and more up but more so!  Or there’s the example below where I’ve put some semi-transparent chevrons over the top of other chevrons going in a different direction.

Chevron transparent layers
Chevron transparent layers

I also don’t think there’s any rules with Chevrons you can thin one’s or fat ones on your Chevron wedding stationery.  There could one column or row of them or several!  They could even point in different directions (I’m just realising this paragraph is almost doubling the amount of images I need to make for this piece).

Chevron 1 column with an elegant font
Chevron 1 column with an elegant font
Chevron 3 columns with a retro font
Chevron 3 columns with a retro font
Chevron up and down or meet in the middle
Chevron up and down or meet in the middle

Like what you see?  At the date of writing this there isn’t a chevron design on website but it’s something that can be done, after all the designs featured here are by Artemis Stationery!  So if you fancy Chevrons get in touch through main website Artemis Stationery.  We make all kind of bespoke wedding stationery and invitations.  We have numerous types of bespoke invitations these designs could be used with.

So what do you think of Chevrons? Fun and dynamic or something that might date. I would love to hear your thoughts!

DIY Wedding Invitation Advice

String and Brown Paper are very in and could be used for wrapping larger invites or wedding favours.

What can you do if you’re doing it yourself?  This post is full of DIY Wedding Invitation Advice and tips.  I might be a wedding stationer who does indeed need to sell stationery to earn a living.  But I also know that many people will be making their own and buying stationery isn’t really an option.  Or others who enjoy making things and wouldn’t want to lose an opportunity to have fun.

If it is due to price some of our invites start from £1 and maybe worth checking out if you get to the end of this series of articles and think this all sounds a nightmare to do yourself.  Read a bit more about one of our more affordable options here.  Or come over to the main site – this link goes straight to the prices and this page has all our designs for bespoke wedding stationery on.

I want everyone to have great stationery for their day and love stationery like I do.  So this post is tips for anyone looking on this blog more for resources than shopping.  It will probably be of most use to people who don’t at all or much or are pushing what they do.  It’s DIY Invitations or DIY Wedding Invitations advice– but these tips are of course valid for non-wedding cards to as well other wedding stationery like place cards.

DIY Wedding Invitation Advice

Part 1


  • For craft style invitations before finalising your design time yourself making it.  Lots of people have given themselves huge battles by making a stunning prototype but then really struggled to find the time to build them in quantity.
  • If you need to send invitations through the post be careful not to make anything that can get crushed.  Alternatively buy a posting box.
  • If you need 50 pieces of card cutting cut them all at the same time rather than when you make each invite.  It’s much quicker.
  • The same goes for processes.  If you have to measure and mark each card do this for each item at the same time.
  • Brown paper and string are very in at the moment!

Printing Yourself

  • Check the card stock you plan to use with your printer.  Firstly that it will go through and secondly that the ink doesn’t smudge or come off.
  • It can be really hard to print something and have it come out the dimensions that you designed for it.  All I can say is trial and error.  Some ways of printing the print program will adjust what it prints dependent on the file.  This means you could move something from the edge only for the program to enlarge the file you find it back on the edge.  I didn’t find a way around this until I used photoshop.  Which is not viable for everyone!  This can make problems if you’re trying to scale things precisely to match something to glue on.
  • Just because you have an image doesn’t mean it will print well.  For something to print nicely you need to remember that 300 dpi is the average print resolution.  This means that roughly you need 300 pixels on the screen on the screen to print an inch or 2.54 cm on paper.  Screens have typical dpi of 72.  So what looks good on the computer may not have enough detail to print.  If you have a photo or image divide it’s pixel height and width by 300 to get the maximum height and width it could print at in inches.  For centimetres multiply by 2.54.  On Windows 7 the dimensions in pixels will come up in the footer information when you select an image in a folder.
  • Google, google for ideas and google for resources to print.  There is tonnes of resources out there for private users.  I believe other search engines maybe available.

There are two further parts to this series.  Check back next Wednesday for the next part.  Topics still to come include embellishments, adhesives and tools.

String and Brown Paper are very in and could be used for wrapping larger invites or wedding favours.
String and Brown Paper are very in and could be used for wrapping larger invites or wedding favours.

Wedding Planning Tips from SWY Weddings

Wedding planning tips by Sam of SWY Weddings

Today I’m very privileged to be able to share some advice by top wedding planner Sam of Samantha Whitehead-Young Wedding Design.   Sam has very kindly worked out her tips for planning your wedding, which are helpful whether you are making use of a wedding planner or not.

Sam is a brilliant and passionate wedding professional.  It’s well worth checking out her website.  I first came in contact with Sam after reading her blog post on Spanish weddings and she was nice enough to tweet to a very small & new wedding stationery supplier.  There’s a lot of helpful advice and inspiration on her blog including a competition to win wedding planning services which runs till the end of May 2013.  See the competition here.

As well as being a well-established and respected wedding planner Sam is also one of the wedding industries top tweeters (currently holding position 6 at the top of writing on UKWed).  So well worth a follow if you are planning a wedding and on twitter.

That’s probably more than enough waffle from me….

Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips



Set your budget and stick to it.  Knowing your budget from the start will allow you to refine your wedding searches to the money you have – narrowing down the vast possibilities prevents you from falling in love with something that is way out of your league.

Start Early

“The early bird catches the worm” is a phrase that could have been made for planning your wedding.  Fabulous, reputable wedding venues/suppliers are booked up well in advance and although a wedding can be planned in any space of time, it is advantageous to start as early as you can to ensure that you can have your “dream team”.


You can most certainly be organised without crossing into the scary domain of the “Bridezilla” territory.  Organisation is key to a stress free wedding planning process. Hire a wedding planner or purchase wedding planning assistance in the form of online software or a wedding planner.  Create your timeline and stick to it.


There is and always will be only one of you, allowing people to help you with your wedding plans can ease the stress.  Give helping hands a clearly defined role/job that plays to their strengths.


Know your Suppliers

There are many wedding suppliers out there and you only get one wedding day.  Research your chosen suppliers, ask for references and see their work!!  This ground work will ensure that you have a team of reputable, reliable suppliers that are all as passionate about your wedding day as you are.

Get it in Writing

Once you have found your venue/suppliers get everything in writing.  You should always have a contract between yourself and each supplier that you are working with.  Communicate clearly with all your suppliers everything that you require from them and ensure that you receive an acknowledgement of them understanding their role.  Keep in touch during the lead up to your wedding and finalise all details with them one/two weeks before the wedding


Compromise can save lots of unnecessary stress.  Yes, this is your day and indeed you should do what makes you happy, however, having an awareness of the feelings of those close to you and listening to suggestions is not going to be the end of you.  You will not agree with all of them, but you can advise them calmly and discuss it where that this is the case.

website 9_3

Take Out Wedding Insurance

It’s not terribly expensive and very much worth it!  Just like any other form of insurance cover you may have there are many different packages available so you can ensure that you get the right cover for you.


Keep your sense of humour!!  If you can laugh at things, all things good or bad, then your memories of planning your wedding and the day itself will only consist of fabulousness!!

Enjoy Your Day

Always remember why you are getting married and don’t bankrupt yourself or have arguments over seating plans etc…  This is the day you will pledge your love to the man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with! Nothing else comes close….

You can visit Sam’s website and read more about her here.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

An Art Deco Stationery Order

I think Art Deco and weddings is a match made in heaven if you are after a something with style, elegance and great design.  I am bit of a fan of Art Deco and if you don’t know why take a look at my post all about Art Deco here.  So when it comes to making Art Deco wedding invitations I am in my element.  I was really delighted when I received the order that I want to share photos from today.  It was from Kelly and Leighton who were absolute stars to work with.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

The stationery range Kelly and Leighton went for is our Capri design.  It is a really flexible design.  It has strong Art Deco leanings but it’s the choice of fonts that really brings out the Art Deco elements in the design out.  It’s been a popular range of late thanks to the increased interest in Art Deco at the moment.  Though that’s not to say these invitations look much like any other Capri invitations that have been ordered from us or will be ordered in future.  The Capri design is just a base to work from.  Once the design is chosen we start tailoring it to each individual client.  They’re bespoke invitations without the hundreds of pounds in initial design fees.

Making it unique

Kelly and Leighton chose Reisling as the main font to use for the invitation and also chose a pastel shade of purple to use from our colour charts.  Reisling is a brilliant font as it’s one that I thinks looks great as header or where you need text to make a strong visual impression.  It’s also pretty readable and makes a fair body text.  I complimented this with Plaza D Reg for the sub header under their names.  You can see more Art Deco fonts here on this blog.  The two types of invitations ordered were a booklet for the day invitations and an A5 invitation with mounting for the evening guests.  The card we used for the mounting and the back of the booklet was Canford cards pale lilac which complimented the colour that would be on the printed part of the invites.  The invitations were complimented by Swarovski Tanzanite crystals for that added bit of glitz.

Of course none of this matters if Kelly and Leighton didn’t like their invitations.  So what did the clients and their guests think?

“Just to say thank you again for producing such lovely wedding invitations for us, they are really setting the tone for our wedding and as we have been giving them out everyone has commented on how lovely they are!”  Kelly

I hope you like the photos shown here.  They’re mostly from the production stage just after the crystals have been glued and the invites glue is left to dry.  There is a close up of the final booklet invitation and a design image of the evening invite with the details changed.  If you would like to see more of Capri or our Art Deco invitations please visit Artemis Stationery.  You can also seem more photos of our products on our Facebook Page.

St Patricks day: Green Wedding Stationery

Since it’s St Patrick’s day I thought it was a good opportunity to look at some of our green wedding stationery and invitations.  Our stationery ranges can be made in any colour so these are photos I have that just happen to be of wedding stationery in green colours.  Read more about the choices of colour Artemis Stationery can offer here.  Green is always being a popular colour on March 17th  but with Emerald it is also the Pantone colour of the year.

There is more than just Emerald to green though.  There is sage, mint, teal, forest and many other shades beside.  At the bottom of this post I’ve taken the liberty of showing our Green colour chart to show some of the shades we can print.  There is a wide selection of green crystals which can be chosen with our stationery and these can be seen on our website  here with the same link as before.

Why choose Green Wedding Stationery?

If you’re not Irish or getting married on the 17th March why might you want to use green as a colour in your wedding?  Well symbolically I don’t really think of it as the colour of jealousy at all.  I’ve never seen anyone go green with jealously.  What I do associate it with is the colour of life since most plants are green making it the colour of nature, balance and harmony.  it conjures images of rolling fields of grass and summer meadows.  The fields of summer festivals, well before the tents go down.  As well as all those lovely leafs you can buy or grow to cook with.  From mint to sage, bay, basil and not forgetting salad leafs like rocket, lettuce etc.  Fortunately most of us aren’t obliged to forage for our food so don’t have to worry about anything nasty!  Also thanks to traffic lights it’s a colour which means go and it’s safe to proceed.  Which I think is all very apt for a wedding!

It’s also a really adaptable colour. It can be bright and vibrant or fresh and delicate.  While darker shades remind me of Forests and Woods.  So pour yourself a Guinness,  Baileys or Jamesons (other brands may be available) and consider going a little bit green with your weddings colours.

Further Viewing…

Take a look at our wedding details Pinterest board for further ideas.

Artemis Stationery Green Colour Chart
Artemis Stationery Green Colour Chart


Natural green colour inspiration from London

Wedding colour inspiration from London Parkland featuring natural greens, sky blue and brown

Wedding Colour Inspiration we like talking about it!   Finding colour inspiration for a wedding can be a tricky thing, we first discussed it back here  If you’re struggling looking for inspiration in the world around you or your photo albums may be a way to go. Here we’re going for some earthy/natural green colour inspiration with some complimentary colours from a surprising source.


Today’s example is from London using a photo I took in the summer.  I’d been to watch the Paralympics the day before and had stayed the night at a friend’s flat.  We were lucky the following day was a spectacularly sunny one so after an early lunch we decided to work from where they live near Swiss Cottage towards the centre.  We aimed to go through as many parks and points of interest as possible including Hyde Park and the Serpentine.  We ended up going to V&A to get an ice-cream in the central court (I love that museums are free and you can pop in).  I can’t remember what ice cream it was now but if you’re thinking ice cream sounds good and maybe I should have ice cream at my wedding, that’s a good idea and if you live near Somerset check out Living the Cream (Jon did a charity event I organised and was great).   After the V&A we went to a bar to meet a friend after they finished work.

Primrose Hill

This photo is from one of the earlier parts of the walk.  It’s taken from Primrose Hill looking towards the Shard and St Pauls.  I learnt a lot on this walk, one of those things being just how many lamp posts parks in London have!  Loads, I found it quite surreal.  However I was most looking at the trees when I thought we’d use this photo for the blog.  I’ve just created rustic board on Pinterest and had green and brown on the brain it seems.  These colours would work well there, ignore the skyskrapers behind!  I’ve chosen half the colours from the greenery and then chosen a few colours that would compliment these.  It’s quite a muted selection of natural earthy colours that would work well in spring and autumn.

Natural Green Colour Inspiration

I’ve picked 6 colours off this picture using the colour picker tool found in many art programs.  You can use the colours of this post either by sampling the picture directly or using the colour boxes.  For those who know the hex values for the colours are (from left to right on the picture):

#383F2D Shady leaves

#7C8743 Grass

#BAC488 bright part of leaves

#FFF5F4 building (3 white blocks on left)


#B4A9A5 building at far right

We encourage you though to try it with images you already have or go out and photo things you like and try.  It’s a great way to find colours that work together.  We’d love to hear what people come up with.  Why do we like going on about colours?  That’s because at Artemis Stationery we can print pretty much any colour and changing the designs to work in the colours of our lovely clients is all part of the service (and included in the price).  Come and visit Artemis Stationery to see more about our products and service.

Trifold Wedding Invitations

A possible layout of our Trifold Invitations illustrated with our Trieste stationery range

We make Trifold Wedding Invitations, though they can be used for any other special occasion to.  They sell pretty well but it can be hard to understand just what they’re like from words and photos. This is because they’re not the most run of the mill invitations.  I think they’re some of the better looking invitations on the market. One’s that can create a real wow factor when your guests open them up while also including a lot of information for your guests.

Front cover and rsvp section of Trieste Trifold Invitation
Front cover and rsvp section of Trieste Trifold Invitation

What make’s up a Trifold Wedding Invitation

The main part of the Trifold invitation has six panels, 2 outside (front and rear cover).  The front is a typical cover while the rear like most cards has the typical information you’d expect on the back of any card.  Then when you open the front there is an intermediate panel (or 2nd cover as I sometimes call it) which we use to show off part of the design which is tailored to you, this adds an extra chance to show off the style of your wedding.  Then you get to the inside.  There are 3 internal panels, typically the invite text is on the central panel. Information like location and accommodation can go on one side and a detachable RSVP on the other.  The RSVP side can also accommodate menu information allowing the guests choices to be recorded on the RSVP.  The inside  is where I think the real wow factor comes in.  When they’re fully open they extend to almost half a metre and incorporate elements of the design behind and around the text.  Like all of our invitations they are handmade and printed to order.  Everything from design to printing and then production happens in the UK.

2nd cover of Trieste Trifold Invitation
2nd cover of Trieste Trifold Invitation

The photos here show some of our Trifold invitations as well as diagram of the inside of one of our sample trifold invitations.  If you have any questions about Trifolds either comment here or contact us through the website.  Any of our stationery ranges can be made as Trifold Invitation even if you can’t find pictures of them on the site or our facebook pages.  If you would like to see all of our bespoke stationery ranges you can see them on our website here.

Modeno Trifold Wedding Invitations
Modeno Trifold Wedding Invitations
2nd cover of a Naples Trifold Invitation
2nd cover of a Naples Trifold Invitation
Florence Trifold Wedding Invitation
Florence Trifold Wedding Invitation

Spring wedding table name ideas

Spring wedding table name ideas

Spring is here, well maybe.  I did just have a conversation about getting snow next week (doesn’t often snow here so snow in spring would be ironic) but it is at least the time of year associated with spring.  Even if spring like weather may be limited to 2 days right at the start of March this year.  I’ve been trying to think of different wedding table names that could be used if your wedding falls in spring and you fancy reflecting the season.  It’s proved quite hard which is a bit unexpected as Christmas had three blog posts on table name ideas for that time of year and I still have more for next year.  But because it’s difficult that made me think it’s probably worth doing.  So here is a blog post with many, well a few ideas for spring wedding table name ideas.

Spring wedding table name ideas

Spring is a great time of year.  Ok there may well not be a time of year I don’t like and am sad to see go but there is so much going for it.  The world around you is slowly bursting into life, flowers start blossoming, the grass starts to grow and cover over those expanses of winter mud or the snow and ice is melting.  Animals are in some cases giving birth and in others getting frisky.  The amount of daylight is on the rise and the chance of being late to work due to having to unexpectedly de-ice your car is getting less and less.  The season is fresh and you can use great colours with a bit of a pastel edge. Before getting into the names if you need to purchase some wedding table names or any other day stationery take a look at our stationery website Artemis Stationery.  Everything sold is tailored to each individual client and hand made.  Apologies for the plug…

…Spring Stuff?

The first collection of names are those for things I associate with spring.

  • Blossom
  • Easter
  • Equinox
  • Thaw
  • Eggs
  • Lambs
  • Fouls
  • Calves
  • Ducklings
  • Cygnet
  • Nests
  • Meltwater
Como spring table name
Como spring table name

Spring Flowers

The next collection is spring followers or early spring followers as Wikipedia told me for many of these.  You can see the complete list here.

  • Anemone ranunculoides
  • Bloodroot
  • Dutch Crocus
  • Dewberry
  • Dog’s Mercury
  • Early Star-of-Bethlehem
  • Eastern Redbud
  • Ghostflower
  • Hyacinth (Ornamental)
  • Iris (Ornamental)
  • Lesser celandine
  • Puschkinia
  • Ranunculus
  • Scilla
  • Snowdrop
  • Snowflake
  • Coltsfoot
  • Daffodil
  • Anemone
  • Apple Blossom
  • Azaleas
  • Bluebell
  • Cosmos
  • Dahlia
  • Golden Bells Plant
  • Gardenia
  • Glory of the Snow
  • Gerberas
  • Hollyhock
  • Jasmine
  • Lilacs
  • Sweet Crabapple


New Beginnings

We end with something a bit from left field.  Spring is a time of beginnings so the following list of potential spring wedding table name ideas is based on words associated with new beginnings.

  • Alpha
  • birth
  • creation
  • dawn
  • genesis
  •  inception
  • Infancy
  • origin
  • rise
  • takeoff

So resist using table numbers and choose some names!

Ombre Wedding Stationery Explained

It’s only March and not very long into the year and I’m already about to talk about a style not picked up in my trends for 2013.  What is this?  It’s Ombre Wedding Stationery.  Actually it’s almost anything wedding Ombre!  Ombre wedding invitations (yes very similar but you have to mention all the keywords!) to ombre wedding cakes and even ombre wedding dresses.  You can see some wider ombre details on one of our Pinterest Boards, don’t forget to follow us while your there.

What is ombre? I think it simply is where one colour changes to another across a design.  Whether it be in steps or as a smooth transition.  I initially found ombre a bit odd.  I’ve been seeing items which I now know are ombre style on pinterest back into late 2012.  But I didn’t really think of them as a distinct style.  There’s two things I classed them as.  The first was that a simple ombre design just reminded me of paint colour charts.  Those where you start off with a light version of colour at the top and they progressively work in bands to a darker version at the bottom.  The other thing they remind me of is colour gradients, very similar to colour charts but there’s no distinct colours, they seamlessly blend from one shade to different one.  You can see an example here in the background of our Catania stationery range.  So a sunset is pretty ombre in itself.

Sunset Ombre Background

This could be Ombre wedding stationery - Catania carnival themed postcard size bespoke Save the Date
Catania carnival themed postcard size bespoke Save the Date. The background is very ombre!

More about Ombre Wedding Stationery

The colours used can be simple e.g. white to a specific colour or a light shade of a colour to a darker one.  With weddings featuring white a lot the first is quite a popular way to go.  However you could go dark to light and back to dark or a third colour.  Or maybe choose a theme like the beach and go from a sandy colour via white for breaking waves to blue for water.

If you fancy bringing something ombre to your wedding stationery we have no ranges listed at the time of writing that are pure ombre without things like fairgrounds getting in the way.  But if you like what you see here get in touch as we have a new website coming and a lot of new designs will be listed there, with something ombre amongst them.