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Artemis Stationery Bespoke Wedding Stationery

At Artemis Stationery we makes bespoke handmade wedding invitations and stationery. All colours, fonts and wording used on your stationery can be tailored to suit your wedding or occasion. Matching day stationery is available for all our invitations. Guest name printing is free on all invitations and place names. Short notice orders can normally be accepted, please see the ordering page for more information or the sample page for free samples.

Our stationery is a real eclectic mix of styles. The inspirations for the ranges come from many different places, from the baroque period to the RAF, from the glamour of Art Deco to vintage and carnivals. We also have the obligatory bunting design. We hand make a wide range of stationery items and put every bit as much effort into designing and making our affordable lines as we do our most expensive items. Since we hand make everything ourselves the website is just really a guide to what we can do as there’s far more than the 8 different types of invites we list that could be made.
visit the website: Artemis Stationery

Artemis Prints

Artemis Prints is the online store for Artemis Stationery which has been established since 2009 and this website followed in 2012. You can view the bespoke stationery website at Artemis Stationery. We’re located in Somerset in the heart of the West Country.

The items are all original designs by Artemis Stationery, who sell a wide range of designs from the elegant and stylish to the fun, vibrant and bright. Ranges available include everything from Christmas cards and birthday cards to canvas prints, birthday signs, labels, gift tags. Further products coming soon.
Unless otherwise stated all the designs featured are by Nathan Gardiner who is the owner of Artemis Stationery.
visit the website: Artemis Prints

About Nathan Gardiner

I’ve had a love of art and design as far back as I can remember. One of my first memories of school is being told off for drawing rabbits in the work books of my friends when my class was meant to write a story about rabbits (that and my name going on the chalkboard for not tidying up the toys in the areas I’d played in – which was all of them and I forgot one:( – oh and writing about going to see Return of the Jedi with my dad). As you see I have a wide range of tastes,influences and interests, from elegant and stylish to fun and vibrant. I like it all and enjoy working on a wide variety of styles and projects. Art Deco is a bit of a recent passion with its grand skyscrapers and ancient influences (link goes to a blog post on it). You might have spotted I have quite the inner geek from the retro game inspired Christmas cards, sooner or later some science inspired designs are sure to surface as quite keen to make my contribution to geek chic 😉
Photography is also a passion of mine. Whenever I am out , I am always looking for unusual photo opportunities.

A lot of the products here can be personalised. From my experience of designing and producing wedding stationery I enjoy collaborating closely with my clients to make unique items special to them, it’s really great to see what other people want to do using my designs as a base for their own style and tastes. It is so rewarding to get great feedback when the final product has surpassed expectations!

I hope you like the designs, if you want to get in touch or keep updated find me on facebook for both Artemis Prints and Artemis Stationery or find me on twitter.


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