Today a recent project has made me want to look at a specific font rather than a set of fonts as I have done in recent blog posts.  So today’s post is about a font I used for a recent project.  The project was to create a piece of Las Vegas themed wedding stationery, that being in particular a table plan that would have to match with the couple’s desire to name each of their tables after a past or present casino in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas themed Wedding Stationery

This project didn’t have a super big budget so most of the time went on the skyline so had to tackle the table names in a consistent manner rather than doing a name for each table reflecting the style of the place it was named after.  So I went to font squirrel and browsed for a commercially free font.  Eventually I settled on lobster.  It has the benefits that I think it feels a little retro – harking back to Las Vegas’s earlier time.  Therefore I could successfully use it for each table name while staying on theme.  Though I mixed up the shapes behind the letters and changed the colours so the names are not too regimented.  I was also able to use the same font in other places,

The font used

Lobster is a pretty great font.  It’s a little bit retro, a little bit script, quite stylish for headers and titles yet still a reasonably easy read.  So could be deciphered at a distance which is a bonus for a table plan.

This project was in collaboration with an event decorator and will be looked at in more detail in a future post – hopefully with some good insitu pictures as it’s not the full table plan shown here.  More of a taster…  If you like the design please visit my bespoke wedding stationery website to see more stationery or keep looking through this my wedding stationery blog.  This design isn’t available as collection yet but I think it may be soon so if you like the design and want it for your own event feel free to get in contact.  Pricing is likely to be similar to Catania.

To see the person I collaborated go and say hi to the lovely Carol at Laurel Design Stationery.


Las Vegas themed wedding stationery
Las Vegas themed wedding stationery