It’s been a while since I’ve looked at colours on this blog although I have recently taken a look at some vintage colours which is coming up soon on the English Wedding Blog.  If this is the first post of this type you’ve seen every so often I take a look at photos and images and show how they can serve for colour inspiration.  This is because people may not have a favourite colour but things like flowers or places may be a passion or interest.  So it’s using these ideas as a basis for a colour theme for bespoke wedding stationery.   It’s been pretty cold of late so I thought I’d dig around in a photo album from one of my families’ trips for something that made me think of warmer times (not that I went on this holiday).  What I found was an image of a flower from a trip to Hawaii.  The flowers are slightly past pristine condition but the image had such a great colour palette I couldn’t not use it.  So welcome to my floral tropical colour inspiration post!  Although if you want a quick introduction to using colour in general try this piece.

Colour Inspiration

One of the great things about these posts is that they’re fairly self-explanatory.  These flowers have a great set of warm reds and pinks colours which fade to white and then are complimented by some similarly warm yellows.  By that I mean a yellow which is closer to orange than it is to green which is a cooler colour.  I haven’t photo shopped the image to brighten it or improve the colours.  Instead I’ve taken colours directly from the image and then put a second row in showing a brightened version of each colour.

An Example

You could mix and match the colours from here.  There are no rules for this type of thing.  I’ve used the complete set of brightened colours though to make an example that combines two of my recent semi obsessions.  That’s ombre and chevrons.  Hopefully the chevrons are fairly self-explanatory although I have tried to make the design a bit more interesting than the classic chevron.  Ombre is where you use bands of colour in a graduated manner (I think) so I used each colour in turn.  I think the result is fairly effective.  To finish off what could be a bespoke wedding invitation card cover design I used a really informal font and kept the wording similarly informal.

Example of brightened colours with in ombre take on chevrons
Example of brightened colours with in ombre take on chevrons

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