Since it’s St Patrick’s day I thought it was a good opportunity to look at some of our green wedding stationery and invitations.  Our stationery ranges can be made in any colour so these are photos I have that just happen to be of wedding stationery in green colours.  Read more about the choices of colour Artemis Stationery can offer here.  Green is always being a popular colour on March 17th  but with Emerald it is also the Pantone colour of the year.

There is more than just Emerald to green though.  There is sage, mint, teal, forest and many other shades beside.  At the bottom of this post I’ve taken the liberty of showing our Green colour chart to show some of the shades we can print.  There is a wide selection of green crystals which can be chosen with our stationery and these can be seen on our website  here with the same link as before.

Why choose Green Wedding Stationery?

If you’re not Irish or getting married on the 17th March why might you want to use green as a colour in your wedding?  Well symbolically I don’t really think of it as the colour of jealousy at all.  I’ve never seen anyone go green with jealously.  What I do associate it with is the colour of life since most plants are green making it the colour of nature, balance and harmony.  it conjures images of rolling fields of grass and summer meadows.  The fields of summer festivals, well before the tents go down.  As well as all those lovely leafs you can buy or grow to cook with.  From mint to sage, bay, basil and not forgetting salad leafs like rocket, lettuce etc.  Fortunately most of us aren’t obliged to forage for our food so don’t have to worry about anything nasty!  Also thanks to traffic lights it’s a colour which means go and it’s safe to proceed.  Which I think is all very apt for a wedding!

It’s also a really adaptable colour. It can be bright and vibrant or fresh and delicate.  While darker shades remind me of Forests and Woods.  So pour yourself a Guinness,  Baileys or Jamesons (other brands may be available) and consider going a little bit green with your weddings colours.

Further Viewing…

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Artemis Stationery Green Colour Chart
Artemis Stationery Green Colour Chart