White Weddings & Tradition

Weddings and wedding dresses have always been white aren’t they?  Well no, they may be now but that’s only been the case since Queen Victoria’s wedding made the white wedding dress possibly one of the biggest trends ever.  As such a trend many people see it as obligatory and a tradition not to be trifled with, symbolic of purity.  I didn’t realise this till reading a piece by Anna at Far from Wedding Crowd (visit blog).  You can also read more about it on this Wikipedia page.  It’s got to the stage where the number of people who get married in anything but white is really low.  And to not get married in white is probably seen as quite daring and unconventional.  Colours like Champagne and ivory are about as far removed from white as you regularly get.  Reminds me of that line about Ford Model T’s.  Available in any colour as long as it’s black.


Now stationery isn’t mired in quite such mistaken tradition as the wedding dress though when the wedding dress is white what goes with white well?  More white or light pastel colours do tend to dominate.  But I don’t think they have to.  If you’re feeling bold you can dare to be different from the vintage and the pastels.  So today I wanted to show a concept for a black and purple colour scheme for my Modeno stationery.  Modeno is quite quirky in itself and so lends itself well to being non-traditional.

Black Purple Order of the Day from Modeno bespoke wedding stationery collection
Black Purple Order of the Day from Modeno bespoke wedding stationery collection

The item shown is an order of the day or program.  For civil ceremonies they show the schedule for the day, give a bit of information on the ceremony and the bridal party.  Of course this colour scheme could be used for any item.


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