Wedding Colour Inspiration we like talking about it!   Finding colour inspiration for a wedding can be a tricky thing, we first discussed it back here  If you’re struggling looking for inspiration in the world around you or your photo albums may be a way to go. Here we’re going for some earthy/natural green colour inspiration with some complimentary colours from a surprising source.


Today’s example is from London using a photo I took in the summer.  I’d been to watch the Paralympics the day before and had stayed the night at a friend’s flat.  We were lucky the following day was a spectacularly sunny one so after an early lunch we decided to work from where they live near Swiss Cottage towards the centre.  We aimed to go through as many parks and points of interest as possible including Hyde Park and the Serpentine.  We ended up going to V&A to get an ice-cream in the central court (I love that museums are free and you can pop in).  I can’t remember what ice cream it was now but if you’re thinking ice cream sounds good and maybe I should have ice cream at my wedding, that’s a good idea and if you live near Somerset check out Living the Cream (Jon did a charity event I organised and was great).   After the V&A we went to a bar to meet a friend after they finished work.

Primrose Hill

This photo is from one of the earlier parts of the walk.  It’s taken from Primrose Hill looking towards the Shard and St Pauls.  I learnt a lot on this walk, one of those things being just how many lamp posts parks in London have!  Loads, I found it quite surreal.  However I was most looking at the trees when I thought we’d use this photo for the blog.  I’ve just created rustic board on Pinterest and had green and brown on the brain it seems.  These colours would work well there, ignore the skyskrapers behind!  I’ve chosen half the colours from the greenery and then chosen a few colours that would compliment these.  It’s quite a muted selection of natural earthy colours that would work well in spring and autumn.

Natural Green Colour Inspiration

I’ve picked 6 colours off this picture using the colour picker tool found in many art programs.  You can use the colours of this post either by sampling the picture directly or using the colour boxes.  For those who know the hex values for the colours are (from left to right on the picture):

#383F2D Shady leaves

#7C8743 Grass

#BAC488 bright part of leaves

#FFF5F4 building (3 white blocks on left)


#B4A9A5 building at far right

We encourage you though to try it with images you already have or go out and photo things you like and try.  It’s a great way to find colours that work together.  We’d love to hear what people come up with.  Why do we like going on about colours?  That’s because at Artemis Stationery we can print pretty much any colour and changing the designs to work in the colours of our lovely clients is all part of the service (and included in the price).  Come and visit Artemis Stationery to see more about our products and service.