Wedding Stationery Colours

Colour can be everything in the planning of some weddings or a more minor consideration in others. Whichever your outlook Artemis Stationery can fit in and provide the wedding stationery you want in colours to suit. Artemis Stationery can match practically any colour or set of colours you want, or recommend colours to bring out the best in a stationery design while complimenting your wedding or occasion . All stationery is bespoke so that means once you’ve chosen a design I’ll do my best to make it as personal to you and your wedding as possible. So when it comes to wedding stationery colours, there is little that can’t be done.

How colours are chosen

How do we work out colours? Well computer screens are hugely unreliable when it comes to showing colours so I would never recommend you rely on them unless really pushed for time.  As an illustration just think how much altering the contrast and brightness can change how everything on screen looks. Let alone how different makes and models of screen vary. At times it can be quite drastic, some even manage to make a blue purple or a purple blue. That can be a real surprise when you see something printed! Therefore we send out colour charts so that our clients can see the colours in person. That saves a lot of surprises and gives everyone an idea how close any screens they see it on are to the real thing.

Once colours are chosen a series of draft designs are created which are sent via email for feedback. At this point we can change the wording, the layout and the fonts as well. Once everyone is happy with the design a physical proof is made so everyone knows how the invitations will look.

As you might have noticed we’ve been a bit lax recently in social media updates due to being busy building a new website which will be a much easier experience for clients to use. As such I’ve been trying really hard to find a way to illustrate how flexible the colours can be without resorting to drawing a rainbow. So far the best I’ve done is to try and use one of the designs from the geometric post a few weeks ago. Which is the image in this page.

Bespoke wedding stationery

If you would like to see more of our bespoke wedding stationery and invitations please visit the main website Artemis Stationery Artemis Stationery.  Our handmade stationery is truly unique and personal to each customer.  If you are interested in learning more about colour inspiration take a look at one of my articles on wedding colour inspiration on English Wedding blog.  Or to read more about the ordering process there is an article which details the steps involved in one of our lovely clients orders or visit the main site for ordering information