Although colour is less of a driver in the style of weddings than it used to be I still find many clients come to me asking to use specific colours. Though with many of the unique designs that are sold at Artemis Stationery  there are still quite a few different ways those colours can be used. Which could mean from the same brief some quite different looks could be achieved.  Artemis Stationery is the website I sell my bespoke stationery from.

Yellow and Grey

While looking through various Trieste designs recently I came across a file which illustrated this point pretty well (can be seen at the bottom of the post). These were for a booklet invitation so they had the added factor that the client can choose which colour card wraps around the invite. The colour scheme we were exploring was yellow and grey. Whichever colour was chosen for the card would have a large influence on the look of the invitation. The design was looking at yellow as the main print colour with grey to compliment. But how much grey to bring in was flexible. Choices like whether to do the outline of the curvy decorative in a dark colour to make it bold or a light grey to make the edges very soft could really change the look. Should the background be grey instead of the white of the card we print on and should a colour fade behind the design be used. All things which can be easily changed and really influence the results.

I really like yellow and grey as a colour combination, they can complement each other very well both in strong colours and pastel ones.

Booklet Invitation

The eagle eyed amongst you may also have noticed that there are more pages here than is typical for a booklet invite. This preliminary design was also looking at doing a booklet with extra pages and with a slightly larger envelope so as to cram as much information into it as possible. You can read more about the standard booklet invitations here on the blog. Visit the main site to see the Trieste wedding stationery collection.

Yellow and Grey booklet invitation colour ideas
Yellow and Grey booklet invitation colour ideas