DIY Wedding Invitation Stickers (individual)

The last blog post featured invitation labels and this blog post does to! They’re pretty much the same, as there is only one difference. On the last post the pdf was set so you could easily make a batch of identical labels. Eg if you wanted to send out Invitations with these stickers on the envelope with the Bride and Grooms name on, then the last post was for. Click through here for that download. While writing that post it did occur to me that some people might want to make it even more personal and put the names of who they were inviting on each. So here you can download a pdf that you can edit, save and print with a design for invitation labels. If nothing else they’re a good solution to sealing pesky invitation envelopes when you don’t want to resort to selotape.

Stating the obvious

By the way you will need to provide your own adhesive backed A4 paper to print. This download won’t magically make plain paper sticky. Wasn’t sure this needed to be said but when you have to warn that a packet of peanuts, may contain peanuts maybe it needs to spelled out! I have also just had a thought it maybe helpful in future to do these in US as well as European paper sizes – had better look up what they are (in metric)!


If you need instructions what to do please refer to the earlier article on downloadable invitation labels. Like the previous file this contains two lines per sticker to enter text in. So for inviting two people that’s quite simple, a name on each line and an & with the shortest name. For inviting a family you could put ‘The Smith’ on the top line and ‘Family’ on the bottom. While individual guests you could use their first and last names to fill both lines.

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DIY Invitation Stickers click to open and then save.

They’re also free whether you’re a client of Artemis Stationery or not.  Though if you are looking for great and very personal bespoke wedding invitations and stationery please be sure to visit my site!