This is a bit of a follow up post to last weekends which had a wedding message guest tag design which could be downloaded.  It’s essentially the same design but this week as a wedding favour tag that is free to download and print for private use, but not commercial use.  It has two text fields in which information can be typed before printing which I’ll explain fully in a moment.  The way it’s set up though it could be used for far more than weddings as there is nothing on there which says wedding unless you type it in.  And although I say favour tags they’re good for any situation where a tag with a floral design on might be appropriate.  Other wedding situations could be for identifying sweets on a candy buffet or being attached with ribbon to serviettes instead of place names.

Free to Print Wedding Favour Tags

The colour scheme is quite neutral so it should be suitable for more circumstances that people might be interested in.  What I have made editable is two text fields as mentioned previously.  You don’t have to use these though, so if you don’t enter anything in them they will print blank and then you can write on anything you wish by hand.  Both the text fields are set in Times New Roman and for grey coloured text, with the smaller of the two being slightly lighter.  The larger of the two text fields is set to put in a guests first name, though a double barreled name like Elizabeth-Joanne if there is a such a name won’t fit, but most should!  The idea of the second box is that you can put in details of the wedding.  So either the Bride and Grooms name, the venue, the date or a mix of all three.  With this in mind all the text fields are linked so you don’t have to enter this information eight times.  Again there are limits to what can be fitted in.

They can be download and saved to your computer as pdf.  They can also be saved with all the fields entered.  If you want to create lots of different one’s remember to save them as different names.  Once you have all the details entered you’re ready to print.  I recommend using a good white card.  Using coloured card could have interesting results so I wouldn’t stray to far from white or an off white.   I always think the thicker the card the better but over 200gsm some printers may struggle so it’s up to you and how far you want to push your printer.  If you want to stay safe (read the technical specification of your printer to see what it might handle and exceed that at your own risk) you can get some nice papers up to 180gsm.  Do check that’s also not too thick for your printer but they would also work quite well.  I like matt especially if you want to write something on yourself.  But nothing stopping you going for satin/silk or glossy paper.

Once you have them printed if you can lay your hands on one I recommend a rotary trimmer as it’s much easier to get straight edges with that than scissors.  You’ll probably also need a hole punch to finish off these tags especially if you’re going for a ribbon or string approach to fastening it to something.  I think they would probably work with natural twine/brown string for a rustic or look.


  1. Download (click to open then save)
  2. Open File and Enter the details you want and save if you want to create lots of different one’s before printing.
  3. Print onto your chosen card or paper stock
  4. Cut around the line – with a rotary trimmer if you have access to one
  5. Punch a hole in the top end if you want to use with ribbon – though have seen them used with nice looking wooden clothes pegs

If you like this design you can see more of my work on Artemis Stationery from which I sell a lot of personalised and bespoke wedding stationery. The previous articles lists collections which have the same flowers featured in if you are interested in those.

So the boring yet essential bit.  It’s totally fine to download and print for personal use but not for any commercial reasons or activities.  View the full license here:

Creative Commons Licence

All items for downloads by Nathan Gardiner at AS Invites is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Based on work at

I have put copyright on the actual item but did my best to keep it small and unobtrusive.


click to download: PDF version