This is post 2 of my attempt to illustrate some potential names for tables at weddings and other events on the festive period.

This post is going to concentrate on food and drink and as such can serve as ideas for what to serve your guests as well as how to name your tables.

Festive food!
Starting with the obvious that probably need no explanation:
Mince pies
Yule log (one of my personal favourite things if you get a good one with fudgy chocolate icing)
Cranberry sauce
Pigs in Blankets – bacon wrapped mini sausages. Could make a useful canapé.
Angels on Horseback – oysters wrapped in bacon
Devils on Horseback – prunes or pitted dates wrapped in bacon
Christmas Pudding
Brandy Butter
Roasted Chestnuts
Pumpkin Pie
Roast Goose
Sugar Plum
Wassail – another name for mulled cider. Drunk during a drinking ritual to promote a good apple harvest the next year.
Hot Chocolate
Christmas Ham – started as German tribute to the god Freyr but carried on by the Catholic church as a test for converts for Judaism.
Figgy Pudding – as mentioned in the Christmas carol “We wish you a merry Christmas”
Peppermint Bark – peppermint candy pieces on white chocolate on dark chocolate
Spiced beef – form of salt beef cured with spice and boilded in stout such as guiness. Popular in Ireland.

More Global Christmas foods
Struffoli – Neapolitan dish served at Christmas and Easter. Sweet deep fried dough balls served with things like honey, cinnamon, orange rind. Lot’s of mini doughnuts.
Szaloncukor – a Hungarian Christmas tradition – a fondant (traditionally flavours such as vanilla or strawberry) coated in chocolate.
Syltelabb – boiled salt cured pigs trotter from Norway. Traditionally served with Christmas ale.
Fritule – small doughnuts, though no where as small as Struffoli served in Croatia they’re flavoured with brandy, citrus zest. Contain raisins and like many doughnuts served topped with powdered sugar.
Krumkake – a Norwegian waffle cookie, can be filled with sweet stuffing and do get used as ice cream cones.
Lebkuchen – a bit like German Gingerbread.
Panettone – a light sweet bread loaf from in a cupola shape. Originally from Milan now eaten across France, Germany, Switzerland and South America. Often severd with a sweet liqueur.
Rum ball – German truffle like sweet the size of a golf ball, coated with coconut, cocoa or chocolate sprinkles they’re flavoured with chocolate and rum.
Thirteen desserts – French tradition of the big supper, the desserts represent Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. Set on Christmas eve and remain on the table till the 27th December.

Festive Drinks
Mulled wine
Warm apple cider
Snowball – easily made with advocate and lemonade or go for it with a traditional recipe
Atole – a hot Mexican drink comprised of corn four, water, refined sugar cane, cinnamon, vanilla. Chocolate or fruit can also be added.
Coquito – a Puerto Rican egg nog like drink.

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