If you’ve been on this blog before you may have noticed that sometimes the blog takes a look at different types of design.  These are not limited to those which are in the bespoke wedding collections on our main wedding stationery website Artemis Stationery.  In the past we’ve covered Ombre and Chevron designs.  Today’s blog piece is looking at geometric wedding stationery designs.

Geometric Wedding Stationery

Of course if geometry were the only guideline there would be infinite designs we could do.  So today I’m going to use examples with triangles that are made from half a square.  I’ve done two examples although one does tend to squeeze in two designs into one.

Symmetrical geometric wedding stationery design
Symmetrical geometric wedding stationery design

Symmetrical Design

The orange, blue and white could be considered two designs in one.  Two corners feature every other triangle as orange, but the orange triangles are done as if in diagonal waves where they keep going from light to dark.  The other two sections have orange triangles but with blue triangles forming stripes through them.  I’ve also used horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry.

Multi Coloured Design

With the other design I’ve used a more random look but where the colour increases the closer you get to the top right.  We started with a light grey and then used a series of complimentary pastel colours, pink, yellow and orange.  Next colours that complimented these pastel colours were paired with some of the lighter coloured squares.  Since I’m in the business of wedding stationery I thought with this example I’d show where names could be easily put by making one corner white.  This would make a great Save the Date cover.

These aren’t bespoke collections but if you would like to order a design like these that would not be a problem.  There will be more posts on this theme in the coming months.