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Menu booklet with name card, floral design in yellow/gold

When it comes to Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery there’s a lot of questions Brides and Grooms can have.  This article attempts to list all my advice pieces from my own blog and where I have written for English Wedding Blog for Invitations, Day stationery and general wedding advice and inspiration. You may find some other articles listing these seperately but I thought it would be useful to list everything in one place!

You can visit my stationery website Artemis Stationery here

Advice for Invitations

Invitation and Stationery Buying Advice

When to send wedding invitations

Invitation text and optional information to include in your Invitations

Cost Saving advice for Inviting your guests

9 mistakes to avoid with your invitations

Types of Wedding Invitations

Gift lists and Asking for Money

Do I need Save the Dates


Day Stationery Advice

When it comes to Wedding Day Stationery like Orders of Service, Menus, Programs, Place names and Table Plans there’s a lot of questions Brides and Grooms can have. The following article attempts to list all my advice pieces.


Large bifold invitation with illustration of Saunton Sands Hotel
Place card with illustration of Saunton Sands Hotel

Advice for Stationery on Your Wedding Day

About Wedding Programs and Order of the Day

Orders of Service and Organising your Guests

Quantities of Day Stationery to Order

Quantities of Menus

Table Plans and Table Plan Emergencies



General Wedding and Wedding Stationery advice

Large bifold wedding invitation and place name showing Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon.
Large bifold wedding invitation and place name showing Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon.

This part attempts to list all my advice pieces for general wedding stationery, such as colours, style, buying advice, posting and more.Stationery Buying Advice


Wedding Colour Inspiration

Branding your Wedding

Summer Wedding Table Name Ideas

Christmas and Winter Table Name Ideas

Vintage Styling Advice for Stationery

Crafting Advice
Part 1, general and printing http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/diy-wedding-invitation-advice/
Part 2, paper, card and glue http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/diy-wedding-invitation-advice/
Part 3, embellishments and tools http://asinvites.com/weddings/stationeryadvice/wedding-stationery-crafting-advice/

Posting your Invitations

How ordering bespoke stationery can work


That’s all for now, think I’ve missed something?  Then get in touch and let me know and if I can add it I will! 🙂

Maps for Invitations

Florence Trifold Wedding Invitation sample showing an example map

Maps, they can be useful.  They can help your guests find their way to your wedding.  They can also be decorative and break up otherwise what might be a mass of text. While showing you have had a custom map done can be a feather in your invitations proverbial cap.  Even if in the age of Sat Navs, phone apps and online maps they’re probably not as important as they used to be I still think it’s a good thing when an invitation can be reasonably self-contained and give a guest reading it a fair idea of what and where they’re be invited.

At Artemis Stationery three of our bespoke invitation types come with maps included in the price.  These are the Booklet, Trifold and Bifold Invitations and 90% of these invitations I design include them.  You can also add maps to other invitation types, normally for free if it’s an evening invitation and there already has been a map done for a day invitation or if not there is a small fee.

The maps don’t tend to show every road in the area but show the main roads and the important roads (not always the same thing) as well as landmarks and features.  I try and make sure that nearby motorway junctions are either shown or indicated and most importantly I make sure they fit in with the design of the invitation.

If you’ve received samples of any of the Booklet, Trifold or Bifold invitations you’re probably familiar with the sample map.  It’s based on a map I did for a friend’s wedding.  It was at Sherborne Castle but they had lots of guests staying in the town so the map had to show the relationship between the Castle and locations in the town.  This post has some other maps that have been done over the years.

Interested in Artemis Stationery’s products, visit the website today!

Atholl Palace Map
Atholl Palace Map
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Clandeboye Lodge Map in Northern Ireland
Essex Map
Essex Map
Langley Castle Map
Langley Castle Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Poole Church and Venue Map
Newcastle city centre map
Newcastle city centre map

Artemis Stationery in 2013

London, Tower Bridge Menu

This year has already seen some changes for Artemis Stationery with the new blog being launched.  The blog has moved from Blogger to WordPress and now has its own domain name which is ASinvites.com.  The blog aside from insanely busy times will be updated at least twice a week though there is a lot of new blog posts planned for January.

It well continue to feature the regular items like examples of our stationery and projects, stationery advice and inspiration.  Along with new feature items.  The first of these will be items that can be downloaded and printed for free.

Of course being a stationery business there is new stationery ranges coming.  It’s all gone quite seaside with a classic British sea side town inspired design and a Greek island design featuring the famous white buildings and blue roofs is being worked on.  We also have a London design coming (menu design shown above) while birds and polka dots also look set to feature this year.  We’re also expanding the types of items we make.  Even if they are not listed with a bit of time we can normally make most things.  Luggage tags will be one of the first new items listed having been designed and made for two clients already.  If you’re interested in anything that is being worked on but isn’t yet listed unless it’s required very quickly it is likely they could be ordered.

Finally and perhaps quite exciting for us is a new website.  We hope the new website will better showcase the stationery but it should be much more usable for tablets and smart phones.


Each order of stationery that is made by Artemis Stationery a lot of time and effort goes into discussing with our clients what they’re after and then we develop the design while receiving a lot of feedback to make a design into something truly unique and bespoke for each and every client. As such it means the world to hear from a happy customer.

I have been really bad at posting testimonials for ages, I keep thinking I should get some nice photos of the stationery and put it together with the testimonial and then make a blog post out but always struggle to find the time. Especially as photographing stationery has been a bit a hit and miss, slowly getting better at that! So I thought I’d have a round up from some of the orders done last year.

So here is a selection of some of the emails received last year.

The invitations – both English and Spanish – are going down really well!! Everyone is commenting how gorgeous they are!


Just this second opened the invites, they are lovely thank you – we are very pleased with them, it makes it very exciting! Exactly 6 months yesterday until the wedding.


Thank you so much for everything, every item was perfect! We cannot thank you enough for all your help and fantastic service!


I think you’re doing a really great job and I really appreciate the time you make to keep in contact & explain stuff. Very good service!


Just to let you know the order of services arrived safe and sound. They look great, so thanks very much for everything. You’ve been superbly helpful throughout, so will definitely recommend you to anyone else I know getting married!
Many thanks,


Invitations are here!! They look amazing!!

Thank you so much we are so pleased!!


Have had lots of compliments about the wedding invites! Can’t wait til the table plan and the place names are ready to go (few more months!) very excited!


Welcome to A S Invites

Trieste trifold invitation

Welcome to ASinvites.com the new blog for Artemis Stationery and Artemis Prints. I’m leaving the old blog behind for a nice shiny new blog. The old blog has seen a lot of posts recently and is beginning to fill up so before it turned into a long festival of scrolling I’ve moved the blog to one which is hopefully much much easier to navigate, has more space to show off pictures and finally it’s got a proper web name now!

I’ll be posting about stationery (which is probably to be expected), general wedding issues, the odd post for fellow wedding industry professionals. This will include more mod files where I show some of the ways our stationery has been changed to better suit our clients and colour inspirations. We’ll continue to go through example wordings and ideas for various types of stationery items. Just use the menu on the left hand side to explore all the categories.

I’ll also be taking time out to show off some of the stationery ranges and talk about the different types of stationery items that can be made. It’s a great place to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer. So come join me and say hello.

The New Store!

Artemis Prints

I’d like to introduce ArtemisPrints.co.uk, the new online store from Artemis Stationery. Artemis Prints will be selling a lot of general stationery items with a mix of premade and personalised items. Find Artemis Prints on Facebook here.

Being the Christmas season Artemis Prints is launching with a lot of Christmas related lines. There’s a real mix of styles here. We have retro computing inspired designs with space invader and platform gaming inspiration. Photographic Christmas cards with photos of snowy winter scenes from Somerset. As well as song lyric inspired dotty designs as well .

Classic Platfrom Christmas Card
Classic Platfrom Christmas Card
Cold outside dotty Christmas card
Cold outside dotty Christmas card
Deers running across snow card
Deers running across snow card

Wide range of photographic Christmas cards
Many of the products on the site can be personalised such as by using your own photos and messages for Christmas cards and our Father Christmas and Santa Claus gift tags.

See the personalised Christmas collection
But it’s not just Christmas, we’ll be adding Invitations for many occasions, labels and much more. We’re starting by launching with canvas prints and birthday signs.

Birthday signs, can be printed on canvas or card and signed by guests or used as welcome sign
Birthday signs, can be printed on canvas or card and signed by guests or used as welcome sign
Birthday signs are aimed at those big birthdays and ideal as a welcome sign to a surprise party and could be signed by friends and family as a keepsake. They are available in canvas and card form. We are launching with carnvial, dotty and art deco inspired designs.

Print your photo on card or canvas, also add a banner
Print your photo on card or canvas, also add a banner
Photographs can also be printed as stretched canvas or onto photographic card and we can also add banners to these.

Your image printed with added banner and text
There will be some wedding lines at a later date but Artemis Stationery will carry on the same as it has been making great bespoke stationery and will also have new lines for 2013.

But finally check back for free stuff. We’re starting by making some of the card designs available as free phone wall papers but will adding computer wall papers and some printables. See the downloads section on the website. Thanks for reading this far!

Jubilee Table Name Ideas Post

King Edward crown
I make bespoke stationery and invitations for lots of lovely people and when it’s Day Stationery for weddings one of the questions I often get asked is for ideas for table names.  This is one area of the wedding where it’s really to make it personal and use some imagination. If your stuck though here’s some idea and since it’s the Jubilee long bank holiday weekend I thought it would be good to do some table names ideas based on theme’s from the Queen’s Royal Jubilee.  60 years doing one job isn’t bad, most people get to retire!
So let’s take a look at the colours of the Union Jack flag.  The colours of course are red, white and blue.  As mentioned in a previous post if your struggling for table names why not name them after colours similar to those you might be using as your colours at your wedding.  So this post has ideas for weddings featuring white, red or blue.
Fireopal, Hyacinth, Indian Siam, Rose, Padparadscha, Magma,
Ruby, Barn, Maroon, Crimson, Redwood, Brick,
Cornell, Cardinal, Lust, Amaranth, Auburn, Burgundy,
Cerise, Flame, Folly, Raspberry, Rosewood, Rust,
Tuscan, Vermillion, Wine
Moonlight, Silk, Beige, Blond, Cornsilk, Cosmic latte,
Honeydew, Ivory, Vanilla, Smoke, Seashell, Old Lace,
Magnolia, Ghost, Cream
Air Blue, Aquamarine, Blue Zircon, Capri, Caribbean, Cobalt
Denim,, Light Sapphire, Meridian, Montana, Maya, Midnight,
Azure, Alice, Baby, Bondi, Cambridge, Carolina,
Celeste, Cerulean, Cyan, Deep Sky, Persian, Periwinkle,
Turquoise, Ultramarine, Prussian, Oxford, Electric
Royal Jewels and Crowns:
Since it’s a Royal Jubilee let’s explore a couple of others like
Small Diamond (Victoria’s), Coronation, Imperial, State, St Edwards, Cullen Diamonds,
Koh-i-Noor, Black Prince’s Ruby, Stewart Sapphire, St Edwards Sapphire, Sword of Mercy
Royal British Houses:
Or how about historical royal British houses including those of Scotland
Mercia, Wessex, Denmark, Normandy, Plantagenet, Lancaster,
York, Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Windsor,
Alpin, Dunkeld, Sverre, Balliol, Bruce, Stewart

Trends – A quick guide to Art Deco

Art Deco place name from Bologna stationery range

This is my attempt to give a quick guide to Art Deco for anyone who is mulling over using Art Deco as a theme or having a wedding at an Art Deco venue and is looking for more ideas. There are links to images which illustrate some of the things the article refers to.

Art Deco arguably never went away as a trend or a style but with the current renaissance of all things vintage Art Deco is making a particular return this summer thanks in no small part to the remake of the Great Gatsby a novel set in the boom and prohibition years of 1920’s America which is considered by many to be the epitome of the Great American Novel. The remake features the acting talents of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan and Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson.

Art Deco marked the boom times and opulence of the post World War 1 years before the great depression of the 30’s. It’s style could be summed as constructive (http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/display/structure-and-clarity), futuristic (See futurism art, eg http://www.artknowledgenews.com/2009_08_06_21_06_33_martin_gropius_bau_celebrates_100th_anniversary_of_futurism.html), modern and symmetrical and often reflected the glamour of 1920’s Hollywood. It contrasted the more natural curves of the Art Nouveau style that was very popular before it. Art Nouveau used more natural curves. prized craftsmanship over mass production and more reflected nature http://artsandfacts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/art-nouveau-is-style-that-was-popular.html. While Art Deco may use floral patterns a lot of the inspiration for it was driven by the coming of an industrial machine age where global transport was being revolutionised by the coming of age of the plane as demonstrated by the DC3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_DC-3 whose elegant curves and shiny aluminium body was a very impressive new sight. While cars first started looking like the cars we drive today http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Airflow and this locomotive looks very futuristic and distinct from the typical steam train people often think of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PRR_S1.jpg. This design shows the aspirations of the age perfectly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Iowa_City_Press_Citizen_Bldg.jpg.

While undoubtedly forward looking the coming of age of archaeology also had a big impact. The symmetry and grandeur of modernism often combined with those classical civilisations whose ancient sites were being increasingly and more scientifically explored, Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in the early 1920’s. This image of the Eastern Columbia building in Los Angeles I think shows influences of classical cultures combining with the forward looking aspects of Art Deco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Eastern_Columbia_Building_entrance.jpg to make a really impressive entrance.

This may all sound quite irrelevant but Art Deco has arguably never really went away and if you’ve ever watched Ghost Busters or been to New York you’ll probably be familiar with Sky Scrapers that remain impressive looking to this day such as the Chrysler Building http://masternoname.deviantart.com/art/Art-deco-New-York-43927437 and Empire State Building in New York http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Empire_State_Lobby-27527.jpg which have both been featured in numerous movies and are a huge part of the New York skyline. While in the UK it’s been kept current by things like Agatha Christies Poirot which has been a long running TV detective series and been shot on locations such as Burgh Island Hotel http://www.flickr.com/photos/browniebear/3963368295/ http://www.ianwrightphotography.co.uk/cgi-bin/showpage.cgi?page=burgh.html. While movies like Captain America and Indiana Jones are set in the age and reflect its style in very main stream ways.

Why is this relevant to weddings aside from it being topical and one of Vogues coming trends? Well it’s a theme you can use throughout the day to make your wedding a little bit unique from others which you may have been to. Also it’s not a strong theme like demanding everyone dress up as Super Heroes and can be reflected in many small touches in items like wedding flowers http://pinterest.com/pin/210895195020836874/, jewellery, cakes http://pinterest.com/pin/210895195020828930/ and stationery. Many bridal collections feature 1920’s, 1930’s and Art Deco inspired dresses http://pinterest.com/pin/210895195020850452/. I think the style which can be quite opulent in look is a bit of anecdote to the prevalence of the distressed, shabby chic and make do and mend influences which have been very strong for the last few years while still being a ‘vintage’ theme. The Artemis Stationery Art Deco Wedding Inspiration board has lots of ideas for these and is linked at the end of this article.

From a stationery perspective it’s very easy to make simple stationery with the look and style of the period, this is due to numerous fonts which I think look very interesting whilst being easy to read. These include the likes of Broadway Engraved BD, Parisian BT, PlazaDReg and BernhardFashion BT. While fonts like Eccentric Std and Harrington somewhat bridge the game from Art Nouveau and Art Deco by being a bit more curvy but still feeling of the period. Artemis Stationery have numerous designs that work well with Art Deco themes.

Bologna is very strongly Art Deco inspired design and it’s influences include some of the designs in the lobby of the Chrysler Building in New York while still managing to bring in some more natural floral elements.
Bologna on Artemis Stationery

Capri is very Art Deco influenced, especially if you look carefully at the design which uses a lot of symmetry and 1920’s inspired design elements. Used with Swarosvki crystals it can also look very glamorous and reflect both the design and the glamour of the age. Capri can work well with script fonts but for the full Art Deco effect PlazaDReg should be chosen, while Eccentric Std also works and gives it a period and little bit more natural feel.
Capri on Artemis Stationery

Sienna although more natural than typical Art Deco designs – it’s more similar to Art Nouveau works really well with Art Deco fonts such as PlazaDReg and when used with Swarovski crystals also reflects the opulent side of Art Deco.
See Sienna on facebook
See Sienna on Artemis Stationery

Genoa and Padua are both very adaptable designs. Genoa is a design based on the first letters of the Bride and Groom’s names and can be done in any font. So if an Art Deco feel is selected it will look very Art Deco. Padua works in a similar way, except in this case it uses first names.
See them on facebook

For more Art Deco ideas and inspiration visit the Artemis Stationery Pinterest Art Deco wedding board http://pinterest.com/artmsstationery/art-deco-wedding-inspiration/

First Post

Hi, I’m Nathan Gardiner and I’m the founder of Artemis Stationery and I have also started this blog for Artemis Stationery. For the post I thought I’d give a bit of information about what Artemis Stationery does and why we do it.

At Artemis Stationery we create and sell stationery that can fit into almost any wedding, that is unique and yet affordable to everyone but are still of the highest quality. All the stationery we sell is designed and made by us. All our artwork is one hundred percent original.

I have always had a passion for art, design and photography from primary school where I got in trouble for doing his friends drawings for them. After a life time of sketching I found a way to put that passion to good use after working as a designer in various other fields. I started making wedding stationery after my brother and his fiancé asked him to help with their wedding. That went well and after doing stationery, party invites and prints for many of my friends Artemis Stationery was born in 2009. Anything and everything can be inspiration from that well-known inspirational architectural program on channel 4 to the glorious countryside that surrounds where we are based. The beauty of nature and the joy and happiness of weddings are the main inspirations.

All our stationery is highly personalised. You chose the colours you want from our colour charts, these have thousands of colours on, we use the fonts you chose and will write what you want your stationery to say whether on the front or inside. This means all our designs can feature the bride and grooms names on the front of the invites. We will also print guest names on invites and place names as standard. We make many of ranges at a variety of price points, our invitations start from £1 each for many of our postcard invites.

I hope you if your reading this and haven’t seen our website we’ll take a look. In future we’ll use this blog to post news on Artemis Stationery like exhibitions we’ll be attending as well as news about new products we’re releasing. Also if you wants to ask any questions about our products, make suggestions or ask questions about wedding stationery in general we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks for reading,


visit Artemis Stationery