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Halloween Table Name ideas part 2

Slimer style Art Deco Halloween Table Name
If you missed the first installment we’ve been going through ideas for Halloween themed table names for weddings, parties, balls and banquets.  Yesterday we covered General Halloweeness, Magical shenanigans, Good witches and wizards from popular culture and Horror Movies.  Today we’re moving on to Horror movie villains as well as slightly less scary movie villains, Poisonous plants.
Image above is of our Miami stationery range in a Halloween look.
Table Name ideas is one of the big things I get asked for ideas about so I hope this helps.  This idea list also serves as a pretty good guide for fancy dress ideas.
Would love to hear your ideas.
Round 4.
First round of the day and we’re its spooky locations of fiction and non-fiction (well depending on your opinion).
Transylvania – 1313 Cemetery Lane (The Adams family)
Castle Duckula – The Haunted Mansion
112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville (Amityville Horror) – Bates Motel (Psycho)
Overlook Hotel (The Shining) – Transylvania Hotel
Stewart House (The Others) – Cabin (Evil Dead)
55 Central Park West (Ghostbusters) – Manhattan Museum of Art
Not wanting to choose something fictional?  Then here is a list of ten spooky castles from the UK
Muncaster Castle – Glamis Castle
Chillingham Castle – Warwick Castle
Tutbury Castle – Windsor Castle
Bodelwyddan Castle – Berre Pomeroy Castle
Tamworth Castle – Edinburgh Castle
You can read more on these locations here on Spooky Stuff
Round 5.
Poisonous Plants.  A little more out of leftfield.  Unlike the popular sweets theme you can’t have these on a table.  I got these off Wikipedia as all I knew was deadly nightshade though Harry Potter has made me wonder what mandrake root actually is like?
Deadly Nightshade – Angels Trumpet
Angels Wings – Black Locust
Bleeding Heart – Blind your eye Mangrove
Bloodroot – Suicide Tree
Christmas Rose – Daphne
Doll’s eyes – Hemlock
Jerusalem Cherry – Lords and Ladies
Moonseed – Ragwort
Round 6.
The final round and let’s focus on horror movie villains and monsters.
Freddy Kruger – Jason Vorhees
Dracula – Frankenstein’s Monster
The Xenomorph (or the Alien) – Jaws
Pinhead – Carrie
Norman Bates – David (Lost Boys)
Predator – Chucky
Count Orlok – HAL-9000
Pazuzu – The Child Catcher
Ok, some of them aren’t quite horror movies but when I was little I did not like that Guy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one bit!  But let’s work on that theme and add in Disney villians and the like.
Vigo the Carpathian – Cruella De Vil
The Evil Queen – Jafar
Five. Judge Doom – Scar
The Wicked Witch of the West – Lord Voldemort
Queen of Hearts – Captain Hook
Shere Khan – Ursula
Stromboli – Slimer