For anyone who reads this blog and hasn’t heard of the website called the Dream Wedding Directory I’d like to introduce what I think is a great resource.  There are a tonne of directories out there most of them charging an arm and a leg to be on and due to the that of little worth, some I don’t even feel understand the industry that well.  So I would understand anyone who has gotten jaded of yet another directory site as I wouldn’t blame you.

So what makes Dream wedding directory different.  I think one of the big differences is it is predominantly for suppliers blogs rather than for suppliers websites.  Supplier’s blogs are a great way of finding out more about a supplier, how they work the results they achieve but you also find a lot of advice and tips from inside the suppliers sector.  These include useful tips, to styling advice and their guesses on the coming trends.  Dream Wedding Directory splits the blogs it lists into their relevant categories making it easy to garner information from the area you’re interested in at that time and each blog listing page also features excerpts from recent articles on that blog.

Unlike many other directories this is a free directory.  A supplier submits it for free and if it is credible it will be added.  This means it’s far more likely to be the best source of information than anything where a payment is necessary.  There are so many directories out there I think registering on all who would have them would bankrupt many businesses.  A word from the creator of Dream Wedding Directory:

My name is Lindsay and along with a good deal of help from my husband, Derek, I have created the Dream Wedding Directory website as a valuable resource for anyone planning a wedding within the United Kingdom.

I was inspired when I discovered that many small businesses that provide wedding services or products struggle to get quality promotion on the Internet.  I have always been passionate about web design, having started my own personal website back in 2001, since then I have also launched several successful directories aimed at cake decorating.

There are many wedding vendors who write wonderful blogs about their services and general wedding advice.

The blogs have been split into nine categories ‘Wedding Cakes’, ‘Wedding Ceremony’, ‘Wedding Fashion’, ‘Wedding Favours’, ‘Wedding Flowers’, ‘Wedding Photography’, ‘Wedding Planning’, ‘Wedding Reception’ and ‘Wedding Stationery’ along with associated tags, to provide visitors with various ways to find the topics they are interested in.

As well as suppliers blogs the traditional wedding blogs can be found in the wedding advice category.  I think it’s a site well worth bookmarking for when you might need it if you’re planning your wedding.  You can visit it by clicking on the button below and as ever if you need a stationery fix (does that ever happen?) check out our main site here: Artemis Stationery

Dream Wedding Directory