Every week I try and do a post showing different stationery collections in various colours. Artemis Stationery don’t have any set colour schemes as our bespoke wedding invitations and stationery uses the colours our clients like. With that being the case I like to show a design in colours that’s not yet been shown on the main website, the blog or facebook etc.

Today I want to highlight Capri. I’d been looking at the various different times I’d used Capri in designs for clients and sample designs and realised that so far they’ve all been done using single colours. So to put this right I thought I better use that classic autumn combination of red and orange. Though I have toned it back though so the colour scheme is quite pastel.

Capri has a very detailed pattern, so rather than show an invitation design I thought it would be good to have a close up of the pattern. I have used this colour scheme and made a bifold invitation sample from it. I’m saving photos of that for a different occasion though so will leave this post with photos of Capri in a light blue colour scheme to illustrate how the pattern fits into an overall design.

Capri - Light Blue Art Deco Wedding Invitation
Wedding invitation made for photoshoot. Capri – Light Blue Art Deco Wedding Invitation

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