It’s been a really busy summer and the blog has been more than a little neglected.  But I will be attempting to breathe new life into it and have a couple of posts coming in the next few days.
Why has it been neglected?  Well it’s been a very busy summer which has been really good, although it’s not all been stationery.  I personally did go a bit Olympic and Paralympic mad.  I had an amazing time in London, Cardiff, Weymouth and Eton Dorney.  I watched lots of different sports and hugely enjoyed them all.  Was very captivating and really mind blowing.
I must admit I didn’t realise quite how amazing going to an Olympics is, it was my first one – although I have followed them previously on tv.  I didn’t expect it to be awful like many of the papers were warning but I think I was blown away by how well it was organised.  Of the 8 or so events I went to the only delay I had to wait through was when one of the lines serving Wembley stopped working after the Womens Football Semi Final, but otherwise was fault less.  30,000 people leaving Eton Dorney all at the same time and no queuing was amazing – never seen so many buses and all meticulously organised!  Of course seeing the sport was really great to.  The fans of all the different countries were really great and I was very glad to see the Brazilians fans at volleyball and basketball.  The Olympic park was an amazing site to see to and I was so glad I managed to get some tickets inside the Olympic stadium for the Paralympics and saw Hannah Cockcroft if one of her events, also sat very close to the flame which I was very happy about!  Beforehand I wondered if I was silly going to watch events as so much happens surely it’s best to follow on tv but by the time my last tickets were over I’d of given almost anything to watch a random game of handball.

ThisAbility Somerset

I’ve also been involved in a local charity event for disability sport over the summer.  Got very time consuming as was the first event of it’s kind.  As well as moving countless tables and chairs on the day, putting up and down many gazebos and signs etc I was involved in the planning.  I also did a lot of the artwork for the event including banners and flyers and even put together a quick one page website.  All in all the event went hugely well, we had over 500 people attend the event.  The sports clubs who participated have seen a big upsurge in membership.  Several new sports are in discussions about coming to the area to.  The event got a double page spread near the front of the local paper and had local sports people there together with former Paralympians and Special Olympians.  It was a really great day.

The Store

There has been more though.  Been working very hard trying to get ready a online store for Artemis Stationery to sell more general print items through.  It’s not quite ready yet!  I really am trying hence the lack of blogs as have lots of great Christmas card designs to add to the old one’s I previously sold.  I really hope I can sell this year!   Hopefully more about that soon.  Hopefully very soon!