Most of this blogs articles are aimed at people who are interested in stationery and design.  Either as potential purchasers of stationery, because they’re making it themselves or just for the love of all things paper and design.  Occasionally though I do like to engage in what might count as a little more navel gazing and post about the wedding industry.  Although in this particular case it may well be of interest to anyone planning their wedding in the Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire former Avon or Somerset area.  Somerset’s my favourite, it is where I live, make and sell my personalised and bespoke wedding invitations and stationery.  Though most clients are spread across the UK.

Somerset Tweet Up

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to a tweet up organised by Abi from Marry Me in Somerset.  They also cover Devon to with their directory.  Tweet ups are essentially networking events meant to draw people together who may know each other through twitter but don’t actually meet.  Many businesses engage in twitter.  I think it’s essential for small businesses to use especially when getting started.  Marry Me in Somerset regularly organise tweet ups for the wedding industry, the one I attended was at Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet.  Now I’ve driven right by Kilver Court many a time and did not realise what a gem of a location I was passing by.  How did I make such a mistake?  Well it’s between a cider factory and an outlet store for Mulberry – I always wondered why Mulberry was there and just assumed the buildings were put of the Cider factory.  But Kilver Court has a designer outlet there.  It’s quite a unique location, a place where industry meets with country house.  It has tonnes of character as well as some beautiful ornamental gardens and lakes. So what else did I learn apart from Abi is very talented at organising events (she’s been on Channel 4 to give expert opinion as a wedding planner) or that Kilver Court is a gem that’s been hidden right under my nose?

  1. There’s a lot of very talented and passionate people out there working in the wedding industry.  Find a supplier or professional who is as passionate about your wedding as you are or at least very close.  The Bride and Groom probably should be the most passionate!
  2. Fosters Event Catering does amazing food.  I felt privileged to eat their canapés and hors d’oeuvres.  Amongst the many things I tried I think I had a smoked haddock consume in a shooter glass, an amazing black pudding creation (which actually made me reassess my general avoidance of black pudding).  A brownie to die for, chocolate (obviously), with an orange and pistachio topping.  It all looked amazing and their staff were really friendly to boot.
    Goats cheese tarts by Fosters Event Catering - photo kindly provided by them
    Goats cheese tarts by Fosters Event Catering – photo kindly provided by them
  3. There’s a new photographic duo on the loose in Bath, Dot and Lucy.  They’re both experienced photographers but their business is new.  If you like a little bit of quirkiness with your photography they could be for you.  I like their Art Noveau style logo to.
  4. Miss Cherry Bomb really can sing, it was actually quite surreal entering Kilve Court.  Felt like something you see on tv from a 1940’s club in London rather than a social gathering in rural Somerset.
  5. I don’t dislike driving as much as I thought, a quiet A37 was a nice drive home.  I’m always amused by those roads that go up and down in a way that cars appear and disappear as they approach you (simple things I know).
  6. Jon at Living the Cream can’t play Blackjack well.  He does have an excellent ice cream tricycle though and I can personally recommend him as he brought it for free to a Charity event I was involved in organising last year.
  7. Simon Biffen is a really passionate and talented Somerset wedding photographer (though he does go further afield).  He’s also like me involved with the English Wedding blog – that was actually quite surreal.  I’ve commented on one of his wedding shoots which was in Italy.  Did not realise it was by a Somerset Photographer.  My fault for looking at the pictures and not reading!
  8. Candy buffets can be really creative affairs and I love the look of Uk Candy Buffet’s site.  Sarah the owner is really lovely to – no wonder she’s in such demand.
  9. Little Wedding Helper event decoration looks as good in person up close as they do in all the excellent photos I’ve seen of her work.  Check out these of a Bristol village hall she transformed.  I’m particularly fond of a wooden toad stall that was on her styled table.
  10. Kilver Court should not be confused with Kilve Court – which does residential courses for kids.  Up until a few minutes ago I did wonder when a place some of my school friends had visited changed to a small designer outlet village….  But it didn’t they’re totally separate!
  11. I need to get the Zero 7 album I listened to on the way back onto my MP3 for running asap as it’s fantastic.

More!  But not yet…

If this topic has interested you there will most likely be a follow up to this post in a week or two.

Unless otherwise stated the images have been kindly provided by Simon Biffen photography (link above on point 7) and reproduced with kind permission of Abi from Marry Me in Somerset.  The one’s not by Simon don’t have his watermark on and were kindly provided by Fosters Event Catering and Little Miss Cherry Bomb.