Today I’m very privileged to be able to share some advice by top wedding planner Sam of Samantha Whitehead-Young Wedding Design.   Sam has very kindly worked out her tips for planning your wedding, which are helpful whether you are making use of a wedding planner or not.

Sam is a brilliant and passionate wedding professional.  It’s well worth checking out her website.  I first came in contact with Sam after reading her blog post on Spanish weddings and she was nice enough to tweet to a very small & new wedding stationery supplier.  There’s a lot of helpful advice and inspiration on her blog including a competition to win wedding planning services which runs till the end of May 2013.  See the competition here.

As well as being a well-established and respected wedding planner Sam is also one of the wedding industries top tweeters (currently holding position 6 at the top of writing on UKWed).  So well worth a follow if you are planning a wedding and on twitter.

That’s probably more than enough waffle from me….

Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips



Set your budget and stick to it.  Knowing your budget from the start will allow you to refine your wedding searches to the money you have – narrowing down the vast possibilities prevents you from falling in love with something that is way out of your league.

Start Early

“The early bird catches the worm” is a phrase that could have been made for planning your wedding.  Fabulous, reputable wedding venues/suppliers are booked up well in advance and although a wedding can be planned in any space of time, it is advantageous to start as early as you can to ensure that you can have your “dream team”.


You can most certainly be organised without crossing into the scary domain of the “Bridezilla” territory.  Organisation is key to a stress free wedding planning process. Hire a wedding planner or purchase wedding planning assistance in the form of online software or a wedding planner.  Create your timeline and stick to it.


There is and always will be only one of you, allowing people to help you with your wedding plans can ease the stress.  Give helping hands a clearly defined role/job that plays to their strengths.


Know your Suppliers

There are many wedding suppliers out there and you only get one wedding day.  Research your chosen suppliers, ask for references and see their work!!  This ground work will ensure that you have a team of reputable, reliable suppliers that are all as passionate about your wedding day as you are.

Get it in Writing

Once you have found your venue/suppliers get everything in writing.  You should always have a contract between yourself and each supplier that you are working with.  Communicate clearly with all your suppliers everything that you require from them and ensure that you receive an acknowledgement of them understanding their role.  Keep in touch during the lead up to your wedding and finalise all details with them one/two weeks before the wedding


Compromise can save lots of unnecessary stress.  Yes, this is your day and indeed you should do what makes you happy, however, having an awareness of the feelings of those close to you and listening to suggestions is not going to be the end of you.  You will not agree with all of them, but you can advise them calmly and discuss it where that this is the case.

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Take Out Wedding Insurance

It’s not terribly expensive and very much worth it!  Just like any other form of insurance cover you may have there are many different packages available so you can ensure that you get the right cover for you.


Keep your sense of humour!!  If you can laugh at things, all things good or bad, then your memories of planning your wedding and the day itself will only consist of fabulousness!!

Enjoy Your Day

Always remember why you are getting married and don’t bankrupt yourself or have arguments over seating plans etc…  This is the day you will pledge your love to the man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with! Nothing else comes close….

You can visit Sam’s website and read more about her here.