There are some issues which occur quite regularly when dealing with wedding stationery.  This article looks at those often made with wedding invitations drawing from my several years of experience of designing and making bespoke wedding invitations for our clients at Artemis Stationery.

  1. Too few wedding invitations, half our clients order more invites than they expect to use.  This is especially important if you plan to invite more people if others say no.
  2. RSVP date – make sure you allow enough time for your guests to realistically get your invitation and reply.  This might mean careful thinking on how soon you can get invitations done if you’re making them yourself or realistically how quickly you can address and post them if you’re having them made.
  3. Guests, sometimes the people closest to you can get overlooked as they’re almost too obvious.  Make sure you invite everyone in the bridal party!
  4. Not keeping an invite for yourselves.  You probably will want one for a keepsake.  Make sure to allow for this when working out quantities or if getting guest names printed (as we do for free) maybe invite yourself so you’re sure to have at least one that can’t be used elsewhere.
  5. Make sure you give a way to RSVP, whether it be a postal address, email address or number to text.
  6. Remember to budget for stamps if sending any invitations by post and if your invitations are extravagant check what postage is needed as posting sizes & weight are strict.  Link to Royal Mail
  7. Getting ‘persuaded’ to invite people you originally hadn’t planned on.  It might be best to mention anybody who is excluded to who it might affect to see their attitude before finalising who you’re inviting.  It isn’t uncommon for people to need more invites for people such as relatives they had hoped not to invite.  Though were later persuaded to.
  8. Spellings and grammar.  There is nothing harder I think than spotting your own mistakes.  I always struggle as I can remember what I meant to write so don’t always see what actually made it down.  There’s many good reasons why I make my living trying to make things look good rather than as a proof reader!  Get as many people as reasonably possible to check your text.  Teachers are particularly good people to know at these times!  I always try and do this on my mine website but have to apologise as with blogging getting a 2nd part to check is not always possible.
  9. Finally guest names, these days seemingly any spelling of a name goes.  Facebook can be a great tool for checking how people spell their names but it may mean checking with people how their partner spells their name.  You could save yourself the hassle with ‘& guest’ but if you’ve met them before it’s probably best to invite them by name.

Have I left anything obvious out?  What difficulties did you have?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  At Artemis Stationery we do our best to guide our clients through the perils and pitfalls so if you’re thinking of ordering wedding stationery check us out today