This is tips and advice for wedding stationery and by that I mean wedding stationery used on the day of your wedding.  So this isn’t about wedding invitations ( <but that article is).  If you’re tight on budget remember the main thing about wedding stationery is that it performs a function.  If you can find an alternative that costs less or is free as long as it performs the job you need that’s all right.  Wedding stationery can make a great contribution to the look and styling of a wedding but that’s a bonus. Albeit a very good one!

If you would like to see more of my stationery visit the main website at for bespoke wedding invitations and stationery. Alternatively carry on looking around our wedding stationery blog.

Tips from a bespoke wedding stationery maker:

  • Seating plans escort cards or seating charts.  If you’re having a meal with set seating you need some way to get guests to show guests where to head.  100 people wandering around a banquet hall staring at each place name might be a bit chaotic.
  • Don’t produce a table plan or seating chart too early.  Especially with larger weddings adjustments may be needed as guests drop out and replacements come in.
Catania a carnival design table plan
Catania a carnival design table plan
  • For really large weddings escort cards over seating charts or table plans have the advantage that changes can be made right up until the last minute.
  • If making yourself aim to finish your stationery a week or so in advance.  This gives time for any mistakes to be corrected and to enjoy the week before your wedding.
  • Similarly if buying your wedding stationery leave yourself time as deliveries are easily missed or damaged in transit.  Things happen that aren’t anyone’s fault.
  • Orders of Service must be checked by the person conducting the service to check there is no copyright infringement.  You may not be able to print hymns or readings without permission.
Bologne Art Deco style place name
Bologne Art Deco style place name
  • Getting place names that have guest names printed can be a great bonus.  Our place names include name printing as standard.  But we do recommend getting a couple of blanks to cover the unexpected!  Why get them printed:
    • They can take a long time to do
    • Not everyone has really neat handwriting
    • You don’t need to worry about mistakes
    • Maintains a consistent and high quality look
    • Then again you could just hire a calligrapher like my friend Claire
Capri table name tent
Capri table name tent
  • If you think the table name holders are a bit unsightly and spoil the look of your centre pieces look for table name/number tents which offer a lower profile alternative in identifying your tables.
  • If you’re having a civil ceremony although you don’t need an order of service you could have a program giving details of the day and ceremony.
  • If you’re having a religious service with an Order of Service you can include a program for the day in with this.
  • If guests have a choice on the day providing menus can be useful!
Capri wedding menu
Capri wedding menu
  • If the meal had choices chosen in advance menus to remind people what the food was and a way to show guests what they chose is also a good idea.  You could put this on the back of the place names using a code like M: Ch meaning Main: Chicken.
Wedding Sign
Wedding Sign
  • If getting married in a large venue a welcome sign identifying where your wedding is can be helpful.  Especially for guests who don’t know too many other guests and might join the wrong event by mistake.
  • Favour tags can be a cute touch but don’t need to be seen as one of the more essential items.
  • Sweet and dessert tables can benefit from labels or tags to identify what’s on offer.  A lot of time this may be obvious but not always.  Allergy and diet advice could also be given.
  • Hard to find venues can benefit from signs reassuring guests they’re going the right way.  Take them down at the end of the day to avoid trouble with the local council.

The stationery ranges featured in this article are the Art Deco stationery collection Capri, also Art Deco inspired Miami and Catania Carnival wedding stationery collection.