Rustic birds

I’ve had a chance to work on my new stationery designs recently.  I’m really excited about this, it’s a lot of fun exploring new ideas.  So I thought it would be a good idea to give a sneak peek of something new I’ve been working on.  This design features a pair of lovebirds, hearts and wooden textures for a romantic rustic style.  Since it’s winter I thought I’d use a frosty winter inspired colour scheme.

This new wedding stationery collection are at a quite advance stage, I’ve made 3 items and have a further two designed and ready to be printed.  Once they’re made and photographed it should be just a short matter of time before they’re on the main website.  Though I must admit I have no clue yet what this collection will be called.  Like what you see?  If so get in touch and we can let you know prices and arrange samples.

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Rustic wooden bird stationery collection
Rustic wooden bird stationery collection