An Art Deco Stationery Order

I think Art Deco and weddings is a match made in heaven if you are after a something with style, elegance and great design.  I am bit of a fan of Art Deco and if you don’t know why take a look at my post all about Art Deco here.  So when it comes to making Art Deco wedding invitations I am in my element.  I was really delighted when I received the order that I want to share photos from today.  It was from Kelly and Leighton who were absolute stars to work with.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

The stationery range Kelly and Leighton went for is our Capri design.  It is a really flexible design.  It has strong Art Deco leanings but it’s the choice of fonts that really brings out the Art Deco elements in the design out.  It’s been a popular range of late thanks to the increased interest in Art Deco at the moment.  Though that’s not to say these invitations look much like any other Capri invitations that have been ordered from us or will be ordered in future.  The Capri design is just a base to work from.  Once the design is chosen we start tailoring it to each individual client.  They’re bespoke invitations without the hundreds of pounds in initial design fees.

Making it unique

Kelly and Leighton chose Reisling as the main font to use for the invitation and also chose a pastel shade of purple to use from our colour charts.  Reisling is a brilliant font as it’s one that I thinks looks great as header or where you need text to make a strong visual impression.  It’s also pretty readable and makes a fair body text.  I complimented this with Plaza D Reg for the sub header under their names.  You can see more Art Deco fonts here on this blog.  The two types of invitations ordered were a booklet for the day invitations and an A5 invitation with mounting for the evening guests.  The card we used for the mounting and the back of the booklet was Canford cards pale lilac which complimented the colour that would be on the printed part of the invites.  The invitations were complimented by Swarovski Tanzanite crystals for that added bit of glitz.

Of course none of this matters if Kelly and Leighton didn’t like their invitations.  So what did the clients and their guests think?

“Just to say thank you again for producing such lovely wedding invitations for us, they are really setting the tone for our wedding and as we have been giving them out everyone has commented on how lovely they are!”  Kelly

I hope you like the photos shown here.  They’re mostly from the production stage just after the crystals have been glued and the invites glue is left to dry.  There is a close up of the final booklet invitation and a design image of the evening invite with the details changed.  If you would like to see more of Capri or our Art Deco invitations please visit Artemis Stationery.  You can also seem more photos of our products on our Facebook Page.