Today I’d like to share a image of one of the booklet wedding invitations from the Catania range.  Since October is nearly on us October and November or autumn are for some reason the time of year I associate with this bespoke collection of wedding stationery.  It may be because this range was done with silhouettes and sunsets in mind was initially designed with red, orange and yellows behind the black outlines in the foregrounds.  Red and orange are obviously autumn colours but further to that it’s autumn that I associate with carnivals and fun fairs.  Maybe because the only time I ever really saw these were during the carnival which came to Yeovil in Autumn or during the large Bonfire day fireworks at the local showground.  I believe fun fairs exist at other times of year though 😉

I like Catania as it can look modern and nostalgic or vintage almost simultaneously.  The silhouettes are clean and crisp, generally quite modern traits although I know silhouettes of peoples heads are also quite a historic style to.  While the fun fair/carnival tie in makes it easy to use nostalgic fonts – you can see some ideas for those in the vintage font blog post here.  If you want to keep away from the vintage side of things modern hand writing style fonts would also look good with Catania.  See some ideas here.

While designed with silhouettes and sunset in mind the colours that can be used are not limited by these.  You can use any colours you wish though darker colours in the foreground generally make sense.  You can see Catania on the main website here:  Catania

Like last week blogging may have to take a back seat to our clients stationery orders as it’s a very very busy time at the moment and will likely be next week to.