Ideas for Booklet, Trifold and other Wedding Invitation Content

Booklets and Trifold Invitations as well as pocket folds are fantastic looking Invitations which many people choose because they want to present a lot of information to their guests. This article will take you through the typical information that people often put in their invites. Also there are suggestions for when you want to use this type of Invitation but don’t know additional ideas for inclusion in the Invite.

Trifold cards typically have three internal panels for information and ours come with an additional detachable RSVP giving you a total of four areas to fill. Although on our Trifold cards you could also put something on the second cover as you have the external cover you open first and then a second internal cover before getting to the three internal panels. Booklet Invitations typically have a cover and then three additional pages, although there are versions with an extra page.

Typical Information

The Invitation
No one should forget this bit it’s the truly essential bit of the invite!

You may be able to put directions or a map into your invite. Although some suppliers will charge extra for doing a map, you also need to remember that you cannot use copyrighted maps so one will have to be drawn for you or maybe by you unless you purchase the right to reproduce the map you want to use. This means the maps will often be simplified so it pays to think about what is the main information you need to convey and which directions your guests will be coming from. In the UK if near a motorway it’s a good idea to show the motorway junction that’s best to use. This is where it can be useful that you are creating it as it doesn’t have to be strictly to scale.

This might be an actual RSVP which can be detached or at least a section detailing how to rsvp, the date you want to receive it by and the information you require. At its simplest this is where you want people to say if they’re coming. Other information that can be required depends on the wedding. For the wedding reception you may want to know if anyone has any special dietary requirements and if there is a menu choice you will need to see who wants to order what. If accommodation is available, depending on how the accommodation is being arranged you may wish to ask who wishes to book it.

Gift List or other Gift Arrangements
If you have a gift list in a store or online this is quite simple as you just need to give the relevant details. The store or website you have used will tell you exactly what information is needed to pass on. It’s also a good chance to explain that if you’re after money why you’re not wanting toasters and other utensils. There’s nothing wrong with being honest as most people will want to make sure whatever they give you is wanted. You might say something like you’ve been living together for several years and have most things involved in setting up home but such and such would be useful as you are planning…. Etc.

If you have guests coming from other areas of the country, from abroad or even if you just think people want to stay at or near the venue after the wedding you should think about giving information on where to stay. You may need to suggest cheap venues for people travelling on a budget or those who just want a bed for the night. Guests from abroad might want sign posting to places which will give them a good experience of the country. Other guests may want to celebrate through the night and so be keen to stay at the venue or where ever the majority of the wedding guests are staying. If places in the venue are limited you may want a say on who gets them so it may be wise to tie them in with the RSVP as you may want to give first opportunity to closer friends or family.

If you are having a choice at the wedding or before it will be a good idea to inform your guests what the choices may be. It’s also a good opportunity to ask people to let you know any special dietary requirements.

Not so typical

The first thing to say is be inventive, they are your invitations so what you say should go. If you are unsure about part or all of the get either family or close friends to help develop your ideas.

Poems and Text
Why not include a romantic poem or one on a theme which is relevant to the day. Text or verse can look very attractive incorporated into the design of a wedding invitation and it can also set the mood for the day. If you have written the poem yourself or know the author and have their permission (there may be conditions) then you’re free to reproduce the poem. Otherwise you may wish to choose one on which the copyright has expired (see link for guidance If a poem is not appealing you could write a short bit about the proposal or how you met or something about the wedding day to come. This may be written in the style of a news-paper article or a story or you could include a simple personal message. This could say something like how much your looking forward to the wedding, that you think you have found a lovely venue which all your guests will enjoy and really want as many of your friends and relatives there as possible to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

You will probably want to stick to something relevant to the wedding. A picture of the bride and groom is always good, this could be processed to make it look black or white or like a painting if you don’t want a standard colour photo in your invitation. Other choices maybe something involved in the wedding like the venue or the type of flowers you’re having. There are similar copyright issues as listed above and even if you take the photo yourself you may still not have copyright, for example if you have taken a picture of the venue you should check with them first. Similarly though even if the picture is of you the copyright may be held by the person who took the photo if a professional photographer.