Padua is one of the newer but less requested stationery lines, which is strange since it’s sister range Genoa is one of our best sellers.  I think this means we need more photos out there of it.  So for a starter I thought I’d share this one of a bespoke wedding invitation booklet! The photo here shows off one of our Padua invitation booklets.  Normally we photo them flat so this is a bit of an experiment to show off the card in a different light.  While this one has also proven extremely hard to photo well without washing out the pale Ivory tones on the design which look fantastic in person but are not the easiest to capture with a camera well.

About Padua

If you’re not familiar with Padua it is a very flexible stationery range.  The basic premise of it is to make a design out of the Bride and Grooms name’s in a style of your choosing and the colours you want.  It really puts the Bride and Groom front centre.  Very like Genoa which uses an insignia design based on the first letters of the Bride and Grooms first name.  Both Padua and Genoa are very flexible, changing the fonts used totally alters the style and look of the invitation and like all of our stationery the colours are completely flexible to.  All of our stationery is handmade in the UK (by us!).

Booklet Invitations

Booklet wedding invitations are really great.  They can contain probably all the information a Bride and Groom would want to send their guests in one elegant and stylish piece of stationery.  Perfectly formed and lovingly made If you would like to see more of Padua go here or for Genoa click here.