Retro Script Fonts

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking you’re in desperate need of a pinnable blog post on script fonts that have a bit of a retro feel. Or as my keyword plugin is reminding to say in my opening paragraph retro script fonts. These fonts are for a more modern take on vintage. They can [&hellip.

April 4, 2014

Free to print luggage tags

Hello! It’s been a long time since I did a free download and the last one was on the excellent English Wedding Blog. So to right this wrong I’ve done a luggage tag pdf in summer colours from the pantone spring/summer 2014 colour report (ok they say color but we know what they mean;)). What’s [&hellip.

March 30, 2014

The Love of Bunting

Bunting, it’s been very popular of late.  The vintage trend coupled with the jubilee in 2012 has meant a boom time in bunting.  But after all peaks normally comes a trough as people can have a enough of a good thing.  I don’t think bunting should be abandoned altogether though.  I have read in places [&hellip.

March 23, 2014

Wedding Photography – Meet Kern Photo

Today this blog is in for a treat and a short break from stationery to look at another important aspect of a wedding, that being photography .  Any one who follows my blog may know that I’ve had some images of my work photographed by a professional photographer RJ Kern who is based in Minneapolis. [&hellip.

Barefoot Bride at Woolacombe Bay Hotel pt 2

Welcome Welcome back, so glad you could make it!  If you don’t know why I’m saying welcome back the first part of this article was published yesterday and you can view it here. After lunch at a Wedding Fair We left off talking about the busy part of the day.  So now for the second [&hellip.

March 12, 2014

Barefoot Bride at Woolacombe Bay Hotel

This week is a wee bit intense for Artemis Stationery with two wedding fairs in quick succession.  Sunday I was in Woolacombe in deepest darkest Devon.  Actually it was a delightful part of the world, I only said deepest darkest to try and be interesting and they all began with the same letters as Devon!  [&hellip.

March 11, 2014

A luxury vintage style Invitation

Hello!  This one’s about a invitation with bit of a vintage early 1900′s feel.  So down to business, there are generous people and there are talented people and sometimes there are generous super talented people.  This post is made possible by that third type.  That being a super talented and generous photographer who is based [&hellip.

Art Nouveau Floral Wedding Invitation

Hello and Welcome! Greetings my lovelies! Actually that may be a bit over familiar. A proper blogger could probably get away with that, I wish I was but I’m not. So thank you honoured readers for joining me, I really appreciate you taking the time! Anyway today for your reading delight I have a slice [&hellip.

March 2, 2014

Metallic Wedding Invitations

Metallic effects both in fashion and wedding worlds are very much on trend at the moment both in its own right and fitting other trends like glamorous vintage and art deco. Because of this I was very glad recently to of found some great metallic card or pearlescent card. I’ve called it both as it [&hellip.

February 27, 2014

Designing the Lovebird wedding stationery collection

Love birds are a recent design to Artemis Stationery.  It has a rather interesting beginning which I thought it would be good to explore today.  I also found some photos of the prototypes I’d made which so far haven’t been seen. So where did the idea begin for Love Birds?  Well it was Christmas 2012.  [&hellip.

February 8, 2014

Wedding Stationery trends for 2014 (pt 4)

Stationery trends menu Part 1: Intro & Vintage & Geometry Part 2: Scrap Book, Metallic & Art Deco Part 3: Ethnic/Cultural Patterns, 20th Century Art, Illustration & Engraving Part 4:  Everything else (you are here) Stationery trends continued I’ve been hoping to conclude my look at wedding stationery trends for 2014 for a while now but [&hellip.

Geometric wedding stationery collection

The blogging has been a bit thin on the ground of late as have been on a roller coaster ride of wedding fairs and sample making.  Not to mention starting design work for some great new clients.  That’s really exciting and looking forward to seeing how their stationery turns out.  Today though I thought I’d [&hellip.

January 24, 2014

Geometric wedding inspiration

The final blog post of the week is something I am very excited about.  Followers of the blog may know I’ve got a Geometric wedding stationery collection coming soon.  This collection is a little different from most of the bespoke collections on Artemis Stationery in that it’s more of a collection of ideas that could [&hellip.

Part 3 of wedding stationery trends for 2014

Stationery trends menu Part 1: Intro & Vintage & Geometry Part 2: Scrap Book, Metallic & Art Deco Part 3: Ethnic/Cultural Patterns, 20th Century Art, Illustration & Engraving (you are here) Part 4:  Everything else Wedding Stationery Trends Part 3 Welcome to part 3 of Artemis Stationery’s series on wedding stationery trends for 2014.  In the past 2 pieces [&hellip.

January 10, 2014

Wedding stationery buying advice

One of the first articles I wrote when I started blogging as a wedding stationer was about buying advice for stationery.  It’s been a while and my blog has since moved to wordpress so I thought it was about time to revisit this topic with a shiny new article! Some things to consider when buying [&hellip.

Love birds wedding Invitations & Stationery

New bespoke wedding stationery collection Today’s blog post is about our newest wedding stationery collection.  There was first look at it before Christmas (see here) but I’m now happy to announce this new collection is fully up on our website Artemis Stationery.  I was pondering what to call it.  Many of our collections have city [&hellip.

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