So this is my Christmas fonts post or specifically my suggestions for Christmas fonts which are freely available.  I say this just encase I do another encompassing other fonts which may be paid for or bundled with software.  The bulk of the post is an image showing the fonts, but if you want to stick around after I’ll explain why they are included or where I think you may find them useful.  And just because I do wedding stationery, while these fonts would be useful to Christmas wedding invitations and Christmas wedding stationery (sorry, going for my keywords there!) but they are useful for any stationery or design work, well I think.

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Christmas Fonts

Freely available fonts at Christmas
Freely available fonts at Christmas


Mountains of Christmas should probably get in on its name alone.  I think it has a certain charm with the serifs on what is otherwise a quite eccentric hand drawn style font.  Idolwild is very similar but while I like to think Mountains of Christmas might be a bit like the Christmas Elves handwriting Idolwild more reminds me of the letters that children might send to Father Christmas.

Christmas Serif Fonts

The next six fonts are all serif fonts.  PixieFont I think brings a bit of charm and quirkiness for a very easily readable font.  It’s quite heavy though so you may want to avoid using it for large amounts of text.

Jacques Francois I choose because the more decorated serifs, it also has this in common with Elsie.  Both offer character and readability.  GriffosFont I included for a more nostalgia feel.  It’s probably good for pre-vintage times like the 19th century.

Cherry-swash is another font with that bit more character than your typical serif font.  Though in this case a little bit more modern in feel than others.

Yeseva One I think is a potential serif title font with character for the Holiday Season.

Retro Christmas Fonts

Sansita One and Lobster are very similar fonts and with Montez and Sevillana are useful for retro Christmas style such as the 50’s or 60’s.  Sansita and One and Lobster remind me of my ratpack Christmas cd.  I love songs from that era, not just those by Frank Sinatra and his friends.  Montez and Sevillana I think give more elegant alternatives and are also useful as handwriting fonts to.

Rechtman Plain I feel is a great font.  If you want to do something with a touch of extra special elegance.

Traditional Christmas & more

Dearest I think is a great font if you want to go for a very traditional Christmas feeling piece of stationery.

Faux-Snow BRK should be self-explanatory, snowflakes!

Distant Galaxy I’ve included because growing up it felt like every Christmas day would have Star Wars shown on the tv, I think BBC1 in the afternoon.  So for me it does have festive memories.  But then again it may not be the font you’re looking for.


I believe all these fonts are freely available.  However always check the licenses of fonts you download.  I found these fonts on font squirrel.