Spring Wedding Styling

It’s spring, or at least it’s meant to be. If you’re suffering through my blog and it’s either not 2013 or you’re not in the UK it’s been a frickin’ cold spring. Especially if you’re not in South East England, we’ve had lots of air straight from Siberia. But we’ve had a couple of warmish days of late so I thought it would be good to go out with a camera and try and illustrate some of the points I made about spring on my article about colours on the English Wedding Blog. There I talked about the seasons, what they’re like and how you could take inspiration from them for styling your wedding.  So this post is all about spring wedding styling inspiration!  There’s also a post on spring table name ideas for more general springyness…


I think the images in this gallery should be fairly self-explanatory. It’s spring, new life is bursting out everywhere and trees which have slumbered through the winter are suddenly coming to life. Animals are either giving birth or are getting frisky. But we’re still not really out of the clutches of winter. The nights and mornings can suffer from frosts, the mornings can be misty. Young plants and animals may fall victim to sudden cold snaps. I really like the contrast you get where aged and slightly gnarled plants.  They’re starting to burst back into life with new leaves and blossom yet you can still see the form of the branches much like you can in winter.

Matching Stationery

Style wise floral designs are a very good choice for a spring wedding. But you can also reflect spring through the colours you choose. Colour wise the colours are fresh, light, sometimes bright. Pastel shades I think suit spring brilliantly. Though you do get some very strong colours in the blossom and flowers that start to emerge.

Floral Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery for a spring wedding - Florence trifold invitations
Wedding stationery for a spring wedding – Florence trifold invitations

Spring Coloured Wedding Stationery

Como menu tent in light greens ideal for spring
Como menu tent in light greens ideal for spring
Capri Art Deco Booklet style wedding invitation
Capri Art Deco Booklet style wedding invitation in mint green


I hope this article has helped just a little bit in shaping ideas for styling your wedding. I know it’s probably too late for 2013 weddings but I tend to see with my clients that the wedding picks up in earnest from a year or so out. Hopefully this article will be useful for people getting married in 2014 and beyond. If you would like to work Artemis Stationery with your wedding stationery I make highly personalised bespoke wedding stationery. You explore this wedding stationery blog for or visit the main website to see more of my products.

Please note some of the images are from previous more vibrant springs 😉