It’s only March and not very long into the year and I’m already about to talk about a style not picked up in my trends for 2013.  What is this?  It’s Ombre Wedding Stationery.  Actually it’s almost anything wedding Ombre!  Ombre wedding invitations (yes very similar but you have to mention all the keywords!) to ombre wedding cakes and even ombre wedding dresses.  You can see some wider ombre details on one of our Pinterest Boards, don’t forget to follow us while your there.

What is ombre? I think it simply is where one colour changes to another across a design.  Whether it be in steps or as a smooth transition.  I initially found ombre a bit odd.  I’ve been seeing items which I now know are ombre style on pinterest back into late 2012.  But I didn’t really think of them as a distinct style.  There’s two things I classed them as.  The first was that a simple ombre design just reminded me of paint colour charts.  Those where you start off with a light version of colour at the top and they progressively work in bands to a darker version at the bottom.  The other thing they remind me of is colour gradients, very similar to colour charts but there’s no distinct colours, they seamlessly blend from one shade to different one.  You can see an example here in the background of our Catania stationery range.  So a sunset is pretty ombre in itself.

Sunset Ombre Background

This could be Ombre wedding stationery - Catania carnival themed postcard size bespoke Save the Date
Catania carnival themed postcard size bespoke Save the Date. The background is very ombre!

More about Ombre Wedding Stationery

The colours used can be simple e.g. white to a specific colour or a light shade of a colour to a darker one.  With weddings featuring white a lot the first is quite a popular way to go.  However you could go dark to light and back to dark or a third colour.  Or maybe choose a theme like the beach and go from a sandy colour via white for breaking waves to blue for water.

If you fancy bringing something ombre to your wedding stationery we have no ranges listed at the time of writing that are pure ombre without things like fairgrounds getting in the way.  But if you like what you see here get in touch as we have a new website coming and a lot of new designs will be listed there, with something ombre amongst them.